Jeffery Peterson (Prison of The Dead)
Trent Latta (Uniforms)
Ariauna Albright (Bloodletting)
Russell Richardson (Iron Man)
Michele Nordin (Justified)
Michael Lutz (The Brotherhood)

22687932_780909612111270_5741553786305967406_nSomewhere in Mexico during the summer, an ancient Aztec pyramid, dedicated to the rain god Tlaloc, is discovered. It contains numerous artifacts as well as a remarkably well-preserved mummy. All of these items are transported to a university in the United States for study and display; the university is nearly deserted except for six archeology students and their professor. While they are preparing the artifacts for display, one of the students steals an amulet from the mummy’s wrist; he gives it to one of the other students, a girl whom he has a crush on. Unfortunately, it turns out that another of the six students is actually a descendant of Aztec priests, and that he needs the amulet as part of a ceremony to Tlaloc. This student resurrects the mummy and sends it to recover the amulet so that he can complete the ritual. The murderous mummy begins killing anyone in its way.MV5BNjhmYjVkN2UtMDRiZi00YTAzLTg5MGQtZGQyMGRiODY1MGUxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDU4MDA0NTM@__V1_The other students learn about the mummy and also discover that the planned ritual to Tlaloc could be extremely destructive. They attempt to survive the mummy’s attacks and to prevent the ceremony, but one by one are killed. Eventually, the priest-student chooses one of the remaining female students to be a human sacrifice to Tlaloc; the last surviving student must rush to save her and stop the ritual and prevent the apocalypse.untitledBeguiled by the “Bram Stoker” label in this film we watched in the hope of seeing something exciting and thrilling. What we saw was possibly the most horrendously bad movie we have ever watched – certainly ever paid for. This movie is so bad it could become something of a cult if enough people ever had the misfortune to watch it. The plot is pathetic, thunder and lighting assaults every inch of the student compound where every scene is set, the Mummy is everyone’s cariacature and the acting is chronically poor. How the poor overweight, lame Mummy every catches any of the imbecilic cast is a mystery in itself. Watch it for a laugh, don’t expect to be scared!


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