Victoria Campbell (Black eyed Girl)
Elza Minor (Standing Up)
Noel Francomano (Kottentail)

03For his first long-running film, David Kann allies with Darkside Films to release Ancient Evil 2: Guardian of the Underworld, a small budget movie that only cost $10.000! First entitled “Anubis: Guardian of the Underworld, the movie, because of scrupulous producers, had to change title to make people believe thus to be a sequel. But be careful, in spite of his title, this movie has nothing to do with the film of David DeCoteau,  except for the fact that both put mummies into scenes.Anubis3After a fast come-back in the past where an Egyptian warrior fights with the God of Death, Anubis, and succeeded in imprisoning him in a stone, we find ourselves nowadays next to a young Goth, embodied by Noel Francomano, who tries to make the deity with jackal head live again. In spite of the complete banality of the story, the first images in the desert – particularly well highlighted with the soundtrack – give the impression to have been the subject of a big realisation and photography work, in particular of an amateur movie. Unfortunately, as soon as we come back nowadays, the movie, which had well started, becomes insipid, and the lack of imagination in the scenario surface back. Too long dialogue scenes give it a slow and boring rhythm, and put a contrast with the bloody scenes which are not badly made. The way the actors play (most of them are debutants) isn’t that good either… Even though Victoria Campbell and Christopher Kann, who respectively embody Jen and Paul, get out of the lot quite well, Noel Francomano, on the other hand, makes it too exaggerated to be believable one second. That’s a pity, as from the direction point of view, D.W. Kann succeeds in releasing a movie that is believable in spite of a small budget, and even the making of the character of Anubis stay a minimum credible!untitledVery much inspired by the Blair Witch series (races in the woods, a so-called Goth fond of occultism…), Ancient Evil 2 ends up pretty well according to his financing and of the shooting conditions. However, it only stays indispensable to the unconditional fans of amateur movies.

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