Halloween Camp 2 - Scream If You Wanna Die Faster [DVD]


Sean Arnfinson (The Expanse)
Erica Cerra (Eureka)
James Clayton (Candiland)
Barbara Kottmeier (Trick ‘r Treat)

sasasOnce again the UK takes a film and renames it, in this case the film is really called Adam & Evil for some reason thought linking this film with the Scream Bloody Murder would inspire people to buy it despite having nothing to do with it. A group of teens head out on a camping trip to celebrate their high school graduation, but their party mood is short lived when they discover that a masked killer is hunting them down one by one. Now just who is this killer? Is it the two shady fellas who followed them, the park’s grounds keeper, the sheriff or is it his unfaithful wife. But there’s one thing that’s haunting Adam’s mind and that’s the killer knows that of his terrible secret involving accidental death of a family.Um, I don’t know what to really make of this travesty of a hack job. But I can tell you it’s simply textbook stuff all round that’s merely plain ( err, but quite a dud more often) for what it is. Ugh, really I think I am being quite generous overall on this particular amateurish indie horror effort. What takes form here is a very typical backwoods survival slasher with just too much talk and innuendo and far too little action and gratuitous nudity. Which can be quite sad for the lack of skin, since there is some nice eye candy on show. It just seems to promise more than it actually delivers, by teasing us with such tame excuses for horror.

You can say that the film is just plain scary for all the wrong reasons with such banal and cringe-worthy dialogues. Real deflated acting from a young cast of stock characters who are either constantly horny, lazing about and when the trouble kicks in, its all about the clueless YELLING(!) and spiting out a good quota of badass drivel like you always do in these situations. The story and atmosphere tries for that 80s slasher feel by going for a big body count, but it totally misses out on the style with its lack of brutality and gory edge. Simply the deaths are quite sudden and reasonably clumsy with some brisk editing. There’s a little bit of nudity, but it’s rather a quick topless scene from the Allison Warnyca as the Sheriff’s wife. She’s probably the most fun that the film offers! But what made me grit my teeth was that the opening 30 minutes was incredibly boring with its rambling teens toying around in many filler scenes that I couldn’t believe I still had an hour to go. It feels like it takes too long before the real fun begins and when it does, it gets a tad better (well, maybe more like tweeny weeny bit). From the get-go you realise the cliché filled plot is a convolutely rushed project that’s completely bled dry of ideas. While, the back-story surrounding this slasher is just very cheesy to believe. But hold on it was the film’s revelation that left me stone-cold because of the ridiculous motive and it goes over-the-top in its daftness. You can probably guess the killer just before the revelation with all the hints that crop up, but it’s quite unsatisfying and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you think about it. The usual red herrings feature quite heavily with some pointless characters who are just there for that stupid factor than really adding anything of real importance.104912-10047-clp-950the direction isn’t awful but it’s just generally uninspired. What was far from uninspiring was the downright noisy and really loud rock soundtrack and overstated score that at times over powers certain scenes. There are moments when it suddenly goes nuts when the film would break into a montage with a supporting rock song. Damn, that did get annoying. The camera-work is pretty standard and quite relentless when it has to be, but when it focuses on the killer we mostly see the lower half of the body. It’s looks like it was shot on digital too. The setting is that of campsite by a lake in some brooding woodlands. It does get atmospheric in spots, which is kind of good since there’s no suspense to be found.
aaaaaaWell, what’s there left to say; it just takes a very big slice out of the slasher market without adding anything special of its own.



Katy Woodruff (The Gallows Tree)
Tyler Sedustine (Jarhead)
Tiffany Shepis (Nightmare Man)

Tracy (Katy Woodruff) is a camp counselor working to close down Camp Placid Pines for the winter. Also there is counselors Sofie (Amanda Magarian), Mike (Kelly Gunning), Angela (Tiffany Shepis), Elvis (Raymond Novarro Smith), Ryan (Tom Mullen), James (Lane Anderson) and boss Rick (Arthur Benjamin). At night, the counselors are having a bonfire when Angela suggests a game of Bloody Murder. Upset, Tracy leaves with Mike, while Sofie reveals Tracy’s brother, Jason (Tyler Sedustine), disappeared at the camp years previously, believed to be dead at the hands of the local myth Trevor Moorehouse. While taking Tracy back to her cabin, Mike upsets her, so he returns to the bonfire as the others are telling the story of Trevor Moorehouse, who was supposedly in an accident at the camp years ago and was put in a mental hospital. Continuing on to a game of bloody murder, James is chosen to be it. He is blindfolded as the others run through the forest to hide. Soon after, Mike and Ryan dress up as Trevor Moorehouse and scare James, causing a fight to break out. Everyone returns to their cabins apart from James, who remains at the fire. James is then confronted by the real Trevor Moorehouse, who chops off his legs with a machete, before crushing his head with a rock.
The next morning, Tracy and Mike make up, before the counselors meet in the mess hall for breakfast with an angry Rick who tells the group that James left a note saying he was leaving the camp. Camp cook, Juanita (Virginia Mendoza) becomes scared, thinking Trevor Moorehouse murdered James, and so decides she will leave the camp later that day. As the counselors set about their tasks, Sofie and Elvis contemplate the existence of Trevor Moorehouse, while Angela and Ryan take a shower together. Ryan gets a message from Rick on his pager that he wants to see him, so he leaves only to find a grave dug in the forest. Ryan is soon shot in the neck with an arrow, before Trevor Moorehouse buries him. Meanwhile, Tracy spots Trevor Moorehouse walking through the forest, and warns Mike, Sofie and Elvis. They call in Sheriff Miller (John Colton), who doesn’t believe Tracy is telling the truth. As the day comes to an end, Tracy and Mike fall out once more, before Rick tells the group that Ryan paged him saying he had quit. Angela, upset, wanders off herself, while Tracy begins to believe something strange is happening at the camp. Tracy, Sofie and Elvis decide to find Mike and Angela and find out what is going on.
Mike comforts Angela and the pair have sex. Elvis sees them, and so returns to Tracy and Sofie telling them he had not found them. Mike realises his clothes are missing, before Angela discovers Ryan’s body half buried in the ground. Mike leaves as he doesn’t want Tracy knowing about him and Angela, as the others turn up. Tracy, Sofie, Elvis and Angela are taken back to camp by Sheriff Miller, who tells them they can not leave the camp as they are suspects in the death of Ryan. Sheriff Miller then leaves to find Rick and Mike, while two deputies, Deputy Tim (Carl Strecker) and Deputy Carver (Benjamin Schneider), take Tracy and Elvis to the showers as they are covered in mud. The deputies are knocked unconscious, while Elvis is stabbed to death and has his throat slit by Trevor Moorehouse. Sheriff Miller returns with Rick, and suspicion soon falls on a missing Mike, as a mask was found in his cabin.
The following day, Tracy finds a camcorder set up outside Mike’s cabin. She plays the footage, which shows Mike entering the cabin, before Trevor Moorehouse emerges moments after. Mike then appears to Tracy, who screams for help. Mike flees, but is caught by the deputies and taken to prison. At night, Sofie comforts Tracy, before Tracy has a dream that Trevor Moorehouse reveals himself to be Rick. In the morning, Tracy, Sofie and Angela being to have doubts that Mike is the true killer, and decide to recover Ryan and Rick’s pagers to see if Rick was telling the truth about the messages before Ryan’s disappearance. Meanwhile, at the police station, Mike tells Sheriff Miller that he is innocent and someone has altered the recordings from the camcorder. Back at camp, Tracy checks Rick’s pager while he is in the shower, and finds that there are no pages from Ryan. At night, Sofie cooks the dinner to stop Rick from becoming suspicious. While Tracy checks the recordings once more, she discovers the footage has been altered. As Angela searches for Ryan’s pager, Trevor Moorehouse strikes her in the head with a machete, killing her.
Tracy warns Sofie, who sets off to find Angela. Tracy goes into Rick’s office to find the keys, but Rick appears. Rick attempts to tell her of his innocence, but Tracy runs away. Meanwhile, as Sofie finds Angela’s body, she is knocked unconscious. Tracy manages to phone Sheriff Miller, before she is chased by Rick. As Rick corners her, Sheriff Miller arrives and shoots Rick. Sheriff Miller begins to drive Tracy back into town, but he reveals he was the true killer, getting revenge for what happened to his son, Trevor Moorehouse. Tracy finds Mike’s dead body in the back seat, before Sheriff Miller handcuffs her to a log. Sofie appears, and Sheriff Miller chases her back to the camp. Tracy frees herself, and meets with Sofie at the camp. They are chased by Sheriff Miller, however Trevor Moorehouse appears and decapitates him with a chainsaw, and drags his corpse away. Tracy and Sofie fall asleep in the woods and walk away together the next morning as the paramedics arrive.
This is actually the sequel to Scream Bloody Murder for some reason it was decided to rename it in the uk, If you liked the first one, then and check out this one, even if you hated the first one, this one is better, so check it out! It’s good slasher flick and is very gory.



Victoria Campbell (Black eyed Girl)
Elza Minor (Standing Up)
Noel Francomano (Kottentail)

03For his first long-running film, David Kann allies with Darkside Films to release Ancient Evil 2: Guardian of the Underworld, a small budget movie that only cost $10.000! First entitled “Anubis: Guardian of the Underworld, the movie, because of scrupulous producers, had to change title to make people believe thus to be a sequel. But be careful, in spite of his title, this movie has nothing to do with the film of David DeCoteau,  except for the fact that both put mummies into scenes.Anubis3After a fast come-back in the past where an Egyptian warrior fights with the God of Death, Anubis, and succeeded in imprisoning him in a stone, we find ourselves nowadays next to a young Goth, embodied by Noel Francomano, who tries to make the deity with jackal head live again. In spite of the complete banality of the story, the first images in the desert – particularly well highlighted with the soundtrack – give the impression to have been the subject of a big realisation and photography work, in particular of an amateur movie. Unfortunately, as soon as we come back nowadays, the movie, which had well started, becomes insipid, and the lack of imagination in the scenario surface back. Too long dialogue scenes give it a slow and boring rhythm, and put a contrast with the bloody scenes which are not badly made. The way the actors play (most of them are debutants) isn’t that good either… Even though Victoria Campbell and Christopher Kann, who respectively embody Jen and Paul, get out of the lot quite well, Noel Francomano, on the other hand, makes it too exaggerated to be believable one second. That’s a pity, as from the direction point of view, D.W. Kann succeeds in releasing a movie that is believable in spite of a small budget, and even the making of the character of Anubis stay a minimum credible!untitledVery much inspired by the Blair Witch series (races in the woods, a so-called Goth fond of occultism…), Ancient Evil 2 ends up pretty well according to his financing and of the shooting conditions. However, it only stays indispensable to the unconditional fans of amateur movies.



Jeffery Peterson (Prison of The Dead)
Trent Latta (Uniforms)
Ariauna Albright (Bloodletting)
Russell Richardson (Iron Man)
Michele Nordin (Justified)
Michael Lutz (The Brotherhood)

22687932_780909612111270_5741553786305967406_nSomewhere in Mexico during the summer, an ancient Aztec pyramid, dedicated to the rain god Tlaloc, is discovered. It contains numerous artifacts as well as a remarkably well-preserved mummy. All of these items are transported to a university in the United States for study and display; the university is nearly deserted except for six archeology students and their professor. While they are preparing the artifacts for display, one of the students steals an amulet from the mummy’s wrist; he gives it to one of the other students, a girl whom he has a crush on. Unfortunately, it turns out that another of the six students is actually a descendant of Aztec priests, and that he needs the amulet as part of a ceremony to Tlaloc. This student resurrects the mummy and sends it to recover the amulet so that he can complete the ritual. The murderous mummy begins killing anyone in its way.MV5BNjhmYjVkN2UtMDRiZi00YTAzLTg5MGQtZGQyMGRiODY1MGUxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDU4MDA0NTM@__V1_The other students learn about the mummy and also discover that the planned ritual to Tlaloc could be extremely destructive. They attempt to survive the mummy’s attacks and to prevent the ceremony, but one by one are killed. Eventually, the priest-student chooses one of the remaining female students to be a human sacrifice to Tlaloc; the last surviving student must rush to save her and stop the ritual and prevent the apocalypse.untitledBeguiled by the “Bram Stoker” label in this film we watched in the hope of seeing something exciting and thrilling. What we saw was possibly the most horrendously bad movie we have ever watched – certainly ever paid for. This movie is so bad it could become something of a cult if enough people ever had the misfortune to watch it. The plot is pathetic, thunder and lighting assaults every inch of the student compound where every scene is set, the Mummy is everyone’s cariacature and the acting is chronically poor. How the poor overweight, lame Mummy every catches any of the imbecilic cast is a mystery in itself. Watch it for a laugh, don’t expect to be scared!




Adam West (Family Guy)
Burt Ward (Futurama)
William Shatner (Star Trek: TOS)
Julie Newmar (Return To The Batcave)
Steven Weber (2 Broke Girls)
Jim Ward (Ultimate Avengers)
Thomas Lennon (17 Again)
Lynne Marie Stewart (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure)
Jeff Bergman (The Cleveland Show)
Wally Wingert (The Ant Bully)
William Salyers (Pandora’s Clock)
Sirena Irwin (Justice League: Throne of Atlantis)
Maurice LaMarche (Futurama)
Lee Meriwether (The Munsters Today)

Batman and Robin are invited to a top-secret demonstration hosted by Professor Hugo Strange and his assistant Dr. Harleen Quinzel, that may eventually change the future of Gotham forever. Along the way, Batman takes a stop at Gotham State Penitentiary to visit Catwoman (whose suicide attempt from the first movie somehow failed) to give her a book on poetry by Elizabeth Barret Browning; something to keep her occupied for the next 36 months of her life until she is let out of prison for good. At the laboratory, they meet district attorney and Bruce Wayne’s ally in the war against crime, Harvey Dent, who is famous for having stopped a coin counterfeit, keeping a two faced quarter as a souvenir from the case.Batman-vs-Two-Face-previewHugo Strange believes that good and evil are all but one-sided and has created an “Evil Extractor” to which the volunteering criminals, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Egghead and Mr. Freeze, will be purified of their corruption. Batman bluffs it off, saying that there are no easy fixes to the straight and narrow path, but Strange conducts his experiment anyway, despite the fact that it will make the jobs of Batman, Robin and Harvey obsolete. All goes well until the Joker entices his compadres to overload the machine. Noticing this, Professor Strange orders Dr. Quinzel to shut it down…but is too late, and Harvey (as opposed to acid from the comic book mythos) is horribly scarred by the explosion of the containment vat, with Batman being successful in saving the right side of his face.2Harvey, now re-christened Two Face, goes on a crime spree as seen in the opening credits, all of which his attempts are foiled by the Dynamic Duo. He is eventually whisked to a hospital where his face has been given reconstructive surgery. His sanity has apparently been restored as well. Now returning to his old job (as the assistant to the assistant district attorney), Harvey spends the next six months in charge of his own fate, but at the same time, King Tut and his henchmen have been robbing an biplane while at Wayne Manor, Aunt Harriet is getting ready for a soiree in Bruce and Dick’s place while they investigate the crime as Batman and Robin. After implying comparisons between King Tut and Two Face, Batman and Robin return to the Batcave where they realize that a double decker bus company are planning to hold the millionaires, including Alfred and Aunt Harriet, hostage. They arrive on the bus via Batmobile and fight Tut and the Tutlings while Alfred escorts the patrons to safety. Unfortunately, the Dynamic Duo are subdued by a pair of twin snakes with knockout venom.4In an urn trap as seen in King Tut’s debut episode, Batman and Robin are to be entombed in the foundations of the Pyramid Towers that are soon to be erected above the digging spot where they are trapped. Cement pours over them and when it appears as though they are doomed, they press the back of their soles against the sides of the jars, triggering the Batjets. They fly to confront King Tut in one final battle and a brick restores his memory. As they take him away, a pair of twins seize the jewels that were stolen by the Tutlings. Batman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara interrogate King Tut as Harvey waits in the shadows, with O’Hara constantly hitting Tut on the head with his baton. Lucille Diamond, the king’s defendant, intervenes and ushers them out of the room so that she can speak to him. At Tut’s trial, she implicates that the concussion is nothing more than a threat to a mild-mannered man. Chief O’Hara tearfully confesses to hitting Tut and Harvey calls Batman as his next witness, but Professor Mackel Roy himself admits his guilt, ready to suffer the minimum penalty of being rehabilitated in prison. After the sentencing, Harvey shares a highball with Bruce Wayne, much to Dick’s annoyance at bearing the hardships of a third wheel.3Harvey is then due to a attend a charity for underprivileged twins at the Winning Pair casino just as Bruce and Dick resume their identities as Batman and Robin once more. A package has arrived at Commissioner Gordon’s office, a World Atlas book marked for Batman…with its pages eaten away in three holes. Robin surmises the culprit to be Bookworm and the duo race off in the Batmobile to find him at the Gotham City Library where a fight ensues and the three priceless books that Bookworm had his eyes on have disappeared. Batman and Robin deduce that the stolen books were all about duality, but Two Face has already been reformed and try to find another way behind it. Regardless, they head to an abandoned sign factory with Two Face and the twins waiting for them. After defeating the twins, Two Face pins them with a large number two and the flip of his coin landing on the right side spares their lives. Once they have left, Batman believes that Harvey has made a lot of enemies in his career and they are all out to destroy it. Harvey, meanwhile is having some problems of his own after he makes a phone call to… Two Face, who kidnaps Professor Strange as part of their scheme.004a2326Robin is punished to his room by Batman after nearly getting into a row about Harvey’s involvement in Two Face’s plans and Catwoman, who by now has been stood up, escapes the pen by switching places with Lucilee Diamond. Following Harvey to the laboratory, Robin is ambushed by Two Face and Professor Strange corrupts him with the same gas of the extractor that mutates the left side of his body. Batman is forced to fight his beloved sidekick and cures him back at the Batcave, following Two Face to the casino where he is in fact revealed to be Dent, having suppressed his bad side (á la Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). Once the Dynamic Duo are strapped to a large silver dollar, he unmasks Batman and deduces Robin’s true identity, then Two Face invites the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Egghead, Shame, Clock King and Catwoman to an auction for the highest bidder of Batman’s true identity. With Catwoman’s help, Batman and Robin defeat the villains, but Two Face gets away on the biplane stolen by King Tut, intending to use the evil gas to remake Gotham City in his image. The Dynamic Duo manage to shoot him down towards a flaming factory where Batman goes one on one with Two Face having completely taking over Harvey’s body. In a battle of wits, Batman urges Harvey to regain self control and he does, defeating Two Face for good as they escape the factory.batman-vs-two-face-trailerThe next morning, Batman and Robin use the Batwing to cure the infected Gothamites and return that night to Wayne Manor where Harvey holds an auction for a bachelor party. Batman appears before everyone, and to his delight, ends up having the first person to bid for him being none other than Catwoman. In the post credits there is a memoriam for Adam West, who portrayed Batman. It also stated “Rest Well, Bright Knight”.1In the hearts of some, maybe even all, Batman fans, Adam West will always hold a cherished place. Batman Vs. Two-Face doesn’t satirize like its predecessor, but fully embraces the original series’ campiness, with one concession: the inclusion of a villain considered too dark and gritty for the series at the time. According to legend, Clint Eastwood was all set to take on the role of Two-Face before studio execs thought he’d scare off young viewers and put the kibosh on it. Always leave ’em wanting more. It’s sad for me to think of what might have been. If only someone had the brilliant idea of bringing Adam West and Burt Ward in to revisit the classic series in animated form earlier, we may have been able to witness the two squaring off against Poison Ivy or Scarecrow or Harley Quinn. But, as it is, this is as good of a send off as our Bright Knight could ever have asked for.



Adam West (Family Guy)
Burt Ward (Return To The Batcave)
Julie Newmar (Star Trek)
Jeff Bergman (Gremlins 2)
Wally Wingert (American Dad)
William Salyers (Judging Amy)
Steven Weber (2 Broke Girls)
Jim Ward (Ben 10)
Thomas Lennon (balls of Fury)

The official plot synopsis reads as follows, “It’s back to the 1960s as Batman and Robin spring into action when Gotham City is threatened by a quartet of Batman’s most fiendish foes – Penguin, The Joker, Riddler and Catwoman. This time, the four super-villains have combined their wicked talents to hatch a plot so nefarious that the Dynamic Duo will need to go to outer space (and back) to foil their arch enemies and restore order in Gotham City.

What a dose of Nostalgia. The opening credits incorporated many classic comic book covers with some fantastic animation. I could not stop watching. Fascinating, funny, festive, friendly, and very alliterative, the actors, writers, and animators knocked this out of the park.

I was thoroughly amused throughout. None of the dozens of punchlines are particularly surprising, but they are all fun, and many of them require the set-up, animation, and acting to be meaningful.

The movie does get a bit dark. In one particular scene, Robin is horrified by a punch that doesn’t follow Marquess of Queensberry rules. Robin’s reaction to that punch and subsequent actions keep the movie grounded and friendly. I have to give special acclaim for Burt Ward, here — his exuberance and delivery hasn’t changed an iota.

Does the movie get some things wrong? Like the Joker’s hidden mustache? Yes and perhaps. There are dozens of things that are not quite like the 60’s show, and hundreds of things that are spot-on perfect. I don’t recall hearing the Riddler’s music cue, but the Batman theme is incorporated well in many places. The producers have already mention that some of the “mistakes” are intentional, such as the colors of Robin’s logo being flipped in a throwaway shot, an homage to mistakes in previous animations. I will be watching this many times.

The sequel has already been announced, with William Shatner as Two- Face.This is the most enjoyable movie I’ve seen in years. Highly recommended.



Adam west (Family Guy)
Burt Ward (The New Adventures of Batman)
Frank Gorshin (Star Trek)
Julie Newmar (My Living Doll)
Jack Brewer (Clueless TV)
Jason Marsden (Full House)
Lyle Waggoner (Wonder Woman)
Lee Meriwether (The Munsters Today)
Betty White (Th Golden Girls)
Amy Acker (The Cabin In The Woods)
Curtis Armstrong (New Girl)
Brett Rickaby (The Crazies)
Julia Rose (Something’s Gotta Give)
Erin Carufel (Untraceable)

TV reunions can be pretty painful to watch. It usually just seems like a bunch of overly familiar clips, fluffy talking head retrospectives, and maybe some misguided attempts at material that really should’ve been put to rest a decade or three earlier. If you happened to catch Return to the Batcave when it debuted a couple years back, you already know that this 90 minute special isn’t anything like that.
As you could hopefully guess from the title, Return to the Batcave takes a look back at the Batman television series that aired on ABC in ’60s.  The framing story is set in the present, as original stars Adam West and Burt Ward are delivered phony invitations for a charity auto show. Some cackling criminal offscreen swipes the Batmobile from under them, and to ensure that those orphans don’t suffer any more than they already have, he types with a sniffle, Adam and Burt set off to reclaim the Batmobile and Oof! Wham! Pow! whoever’s responsible. (It’s really not much of a mystery, but play along anyway.) Along the way, they stumble onto clues suggesting that the theft has something to do with their past, and as they reminisce about the show, it’s time to cue the flashbacks.
 The sequences set in the here-‘n-now are played with the same sort of campy, goofy sense of humor as the original series, down to the garish set design and Dutch camera angles. The flashbacks are treated a little more seriously, with Jack Brewster and Jason Marsden stepping into the roles of Adam and Burt. The camp may be dialed down, but these flashbacks aren’t dry, monotone re-enactments. They’re teeming with some of the lurid details from any one of the stars’ tell-all books, everything from Burt Ward’s divorce, Adam West’s relentless womanizing, Ward’s excessive man-basket unsettling the religious right, Fredric Wertham’s accusations of homosexuality between the Dynamic Duo, struggles with the censors, Ward almost getting skewered after a disastrous one-night stand, and internal bickering.  Since it’s not just E!’s True Hollywood Story with a bigger budget, everything from the original casting (including some actual footage of Lyle Waggoner testing as Batman) to the series’ numerous guest stars (including Cesar Romero demanding makeup be smothered over his moustache and a food fight with Vincent Price on the set, to rattle off a couple) to Burt Ward getting bruised, battered, and par-broiled during botched stunts (I don’t have a parenthetical reference for this one) is covered.
 This isn’t a shameless, half-thought-out ratings grab — Return to the Batcave manages to capture the spirit of the original Batman series. A lot of the gags in the framing story got a laugh, particularly quips about the structure of these sorts of reunion specials and more subtle ones like Adam West suggesting they drive his car because it’s already been established. I don’t know how many liberties the movie took with reality for the flashback sequences, but they’re certainly interesting enough, spouting off a bunch of stories I hadn’t heard before. If you’re a fan of the original television series, then…well, you probably already saw this when it originally aired…but if not, I guess you have a chance to now. There isn’t much on this DVD aside from the movie itself, but at least it’s cheap.
Return to the Batcave captures a lot of what made the original TV series such a blast to watch, and if you like the show, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll feel the same way about this reunion movie