Hulk Hogan (Suburban Commando)
Carl Marotte (My Bloody Valentine)
Cynthia Preston (Carrie)
Lynne Adams (Shattered Glass)

image-w448When mercenary “Hardball” Cutter discovers that the team he is working with is actually a group of IRA gunrunners, he decides to put a stop to their plans. Furious with Cutter, the gunrunners target him, his partner, and his family. .157880843_d736f6No, this isn’t a very artistic movie. Yes, you’ve seen the story before. No, the actors aren’t especially good. But yes. There is action. This is a good action movie. Big guns, explosions, ex C.I.A agents taking out entire armies on their own and non-stop action. Hulk Hogan is awesome and he really fills the role.


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