Olga Kurylenko (Hitman)
James Purefoy (Solomon Kane)
Lee-Anne Summers (Safari)
Hlomla Dandala (Lord of War)
Morgan Freeman (Batman Begins)
Karl Otto Thaning (Black Sails)

Alex (Olga Kurylenko), a trained ex-military agent-turned-thief, gets pulled by her former partner into a high-tech bank heist (her ‘one last job’). During the heist, she accidentally steals a valuable flash drive containing incriminating evidence. Alex is then relentlessly pursued by a team of agents led by Mr. Washington (James Purefoy), who has been sent by an anonymous Senator (Morgan Freeman) to retrieve the flash drive. While involved in a violent and frenetic cat-and-mouse chase across the city, Alex tries to uncover the conspiracy behind her pursuers.The main protagonist is hard to root for at the beginning of the movie, but as it progresses you get to know her better, you understand who she is and what her motives are and you kinda start worrying what’s gonna happen to her next. This movie also has a nice mix of conspiracies related to the military and CIA leaders who are not exactly the freedom fighters and who are not exactly concerned about anything other than power and money. This movie has some non-fatal flaws like shaky close up camera work and an open end which implies a sequel but I didn’t find them too distracting or detrimental to the story.


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