Jennifer Lim (Hostel)
Sean Pertwee (Gotham)
Dominique Pinon  (Ameile)
Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf)

4462696981_ab00332b29An evil djinn in clownface offers a geeky, mistreated teenager a chance to be popular, and in accepting his offer, serves as a catalyst for a series of gruesome events plaguing her school as her fellow students suffer the wrath of making their unfortunate wish, via phone text. That’s how the djinn captivates his intended victims, send them a text offering a wish, the kids returning what they yearn for, and paying the consequences. Two detectives(including Dominique Pinon of “City of Lost Children” fame as a slovenly, disheveled alcoholic whose methods of interrogation aren’t exactly orthodox)must uncover the reason behind the unusual body count building at the school under more than suspicious circumstances.whenevilcalls-pic02Each episode features some teenager going through their own personal ordeal, wishing for something out of anger, off-the-cuff, a crisis of an emotional nature, or just because they want others to see them differently. The dark humorous nature of the movie takes no prisoners as the djinn preys on kids with hang-ups and other troubles, vulnerable and desperate.whenevil31_351Such selected targets include: An oriental girl considered a “freak”, the poor kid with acne, the fat boy whose eating habits are a bit off-putting, the nerd who so desperately desires to kiss the resident babe, the teen who wants X-ray vision to watch the female basketball team practicing naked, the struggling student fearing to fail his test who yearns to “see into the smart one’s brain” getting just that, the facially scarred girl who wants to be beautiful, an anorexic who wishes to lose a “little weight”, the closet lesbian who wants to look “good enough to eat” for a girl she carries a torch for, the guy who pines for his current girlfriend to have big breasts getting more than he bargained for, another wishing for the return of his step father who passed away the previous year, a girl wishing she was “hot”, a scorned teen who, after catching her boyfriend getting an oral going-over by the school’s most desirable chick, wishing to never see him again, a girl wishing that people could see how beautiful she was “on the inside”, an obnoxious trouble-making lesbian(you’ll notice that she is always bullying and ridiculing many of the victims throughout)wishes to be with her lover until they die, etc.MV5BMTc2MjYwNjU2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDY5NDAyMw@@__V1__SX640_SY428_With plenty of gore, and applied computer graphics for the more difficult effects(..such as the burning of a face, eyeballs showing up in places they don’t belong, an arm gushing blood after the hand was taken off in a garbage disposal and so on). I will say that some of the practical effects are impressive enough to leave you rather taken aback(or laughing depending on you sense of humor). Most of the individual stories last mere minutes before the characters are dispatched in sickening ways. Such potent violence includes a victim falling eyes-first on scissors, a victim crushed into a wall by a van, cannibalism, a suicide involving pencils up a victim’s nostrils, a car leaving a victim’s stomach open and her intestines exposed, etc. The whole “mobile phone horror series” idea shows in the movie sense the length of the scenarios, and victims’ various outcomes based on those wishes which sealed their fates, aren’t very long. I liked this more than others it seems because I thought the dark heart of the filmmakers was in the right place, and there’s a sick sense of humor involved that I found rather entertaining. Definitely low budget with some effects less than satisfactory.


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