Lawrence Tierney (Reservoir Dogs)
Melody Munyon (House of The Rising Sun)
Martina Castle (Total Exposure)
Monika Schnarre (Andromeda)
Richard Genelle (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

UYUYUA nasty “businessman” strives to get a deal back on track after an archaeologist removes a computer chip from an artifact before it is stolen. KGJKTGKYUKYTAlways enjoyed seeing Lawrence Tierney in the film, “Dillinger” and how evil he looked and cold blooded as he portrayed John Dillinger. In this film, Tierney plays the role as Ivan Yates who is involved in trying to secure a computer chip which involves nuclear power and he is constantly having people killed who get in his way. Ivan has problems with breathing and needs oxygen whenever he gets upset or has an attack and he also manages to have very sexy young women around him at all times. Also noteworthy Richard Genelle who would go on to play Ernie on Power Rangers has a small part too.



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