Mariya Nishiuchi (Smoking Gun)
Takahiro Miura (rage)
Nicole Ishida (Samurai Sensei)
Kôichi Iwaki (The Beast to Die)
Tasuku Nagase (Kamen Rider Wizard)
Mariya Nishiuchi (The Land of Rain Trees)
Sôsuke Takaoka (Battle Royale)

518YAJY75JLAt the end of the 21st century, the world is plagued by a mysterious virus and unusual weather. Genius scientist Dr. Kisaragi creates an android with the code name “Cutie Honey” (Mariya Nishiuchi). The android is unique in that it possesses human emotions. To save mankind, Cutie Honey goes up against an evil organization.cutiehoneyThe acting was great, the costumes, the effects, the story is also interesting. Somewhat predictable like other movies of the same theme and yet you wouldn’t be bored watching this. So if you love sci-fi movies, or those saving earth themed movies, this one is a good watch


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