Park Bo-young (A Werewolf Boy)
Joo Won (Good Doctor)
Kang Byul (A Blood Pledge)

Dont_Click-018Se-hee is a shop attendant who lives alone with her sister, the high school student Jung-mi, due to their mother’s death and their father’s decision to work in the United States. Due to a misunderstanding, she is estranged from her boyfriend, the IT college student Joon-hyuk, who tries to make amends by asking Jung-mi to convince Se-hee for a reconciliation. In exchange, Jung-mi, who secretly earns money for both her and Se-hee’s tuition by uploading viral videos, wants him to download a blocked video supposedly cursed to kill its viewers.Dont_Click-009The video that Joon-hyuk retrieved is revealed to be a series of clips, 108 in total, which changes content after each viewing. The clips are about various things, including what appears to be witchcraft and sexual harassment of a middle-aged man towards a drunken woman. Since viewing the video, both Jung-mi and Se-hee begin to feel haunted by a presence. An internet artist whom Jung-mi sends the video to also becomes haunted and is eventually crushed by an elevator when she tries to escape; a snuff clip of the killing is later made a part of the cursed video. Meanwhile, anonymous videos of Jung-mi doing a stripping dance and the subsequent commotion she causes inside a train go viral; these combined with the aforementioned haunting make Jung-mi deeply paranoid and violent.Dont_Click-010Worried, Se-hee asks for Joon-hyuk’s assistance to record Jung-mi’s activities by placing security cameras around the house. At one point, Jung-mi escapes towards an abandoned house, which was formerly inhabited by the man who did the harassment from the video. Joon-hyuk searches about the identity of the man and finds out that he did not “harass” the drunken woman; in fact, he only wanted to give her solace, but the girl who made the amateur recording commented of a harassment anyway. The man committed suicide in shame, his wife died of heart attack after hearing it, while their daughter, who was bullied for the incident, attempted a viral suicide that went unrecorded due to a brief blockade imposed by the site. However, before she died, the daughter was able to create the cursed videoaa8e997398a1433ba0e3e263ea7c05c7Se-hee and Joon-hyuk race towards the abandoned house and discover the decapitated remains of the girl who made the “harassment video”, before finding Jung-mi. The trio find the doll used for the curse and burn it as well as the flash containing the cursed video. The three head back to Se-hee and Jung-mi’s house thinking that they are safe, but it is revealed that the curse is still active. Both Joon-hyuk and Jung-mi die in their attempt to stop the curse, while Se-hee is confronted by the daughter at the rooftop. Declaring that she should come to hell with her, the daughter corners Se-hee into jumping from the rooftop. The next morning, Se-hee is revealed to have survived her fall. However, she panics upon seeing all the videos and cameras carried by the reporters who came to the scene, implying that she is still haunted by the curse.fullsizephoto237655True, the film is not original in its concept, but anything that’s original is a rarity these days. I think any idea, no matter how clichéd, if done correctly, is worth watching; and I do believe this movie is one such. Nothing that would curl your toes under your blankets, but there were some creepy moments that made the movie enjoyable.


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