John Jarratt (Wolf Creek)
Chris Haywood (Shine)
Sacha Horler  (The Dress Maker)
Charlie Jarratt (Stalkher)
Craig McLachlan (Home and Away)
Jessica Napier (Ghost Rider)
Angela Punch McGregor (The Principal)
Rebecca Smart (Water Rats)

Savages-Crossing-2011-Movie-7A motley group of strangers are all forced to seek refuge in a remote outback roadhouse due to severe flooding caused by a fierce torrential downpour. However, one of these people proves to be every bit as dangerous as the fierce storm that’s raging outside. Savages-Crossing-2011-Movie-5Director Kevin James Dobson, working from a compact script by John and Cody Jarratt, keeps the absorbing story moving along at a brisk pace, creates and sustains a substantial amount of claustrophobic suspense, maintains a hard gritty tone throughout, and makes good use of the isolated outback setting. Moreover, Dobson’s taut and economical style doesn’t waste a single minute and thus ensures that there’s never a dull moment. . A must see for fans of Wolf Creek.dafad35ae1cf2e81fe34697d02164b16



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