Mizuki Yamamoto (The Kirishima Thing)
Tina Tamashiro (Chasuke’s Journey)
Satsukawa Aimi (Gaki Rock)
Misato Tanaka  (Ishikawa Goemon)
Masahiro Kômoto (Memories of Matsuko)
Masanobu Andô (Warriors of The Rainbow)
Runa Endo (Kagekiha Opera)
Elly Nanami (Kamen Rider Drive)
Rintaro Shibamoto (Galileo)

A social worker visits the residence of an elderly woman, only to find her strangled by an electric cord. The nearby video player suddenly plays the footage of the infamous cursed videotape. As the social worker watches, Sadako Yamamura manifests behind her. The social worker is also ultimately found dead after her throat is slit by a knife.The video player is later sold at a shop and eventually bought by university students Yuri Kurahashi and Natsumi Ueno, who want to use it to burn a copy of Natsumi’s parents’ wedding tape onto a DVD. When they find the cursed videotape inside the player, a curious Yuri plays it. Yuri is then distracted by her phone, so she ends up not watching the footage – only a horrified Natsumi does. Meanwhile, a part-time worker in the shop where the two students bought the video player informs the owners of the shop that she had watched the cursed videotape. The part-timer worker walks upstairs and suddenly falls off the upper level to her death. The girls return to the shop where they bought the video player, only to learn about the recent deaths related to the cursed videotape.Desperate, the girls go to Morishige, their professor and an author on urban legends. Morishige is obsessed with the idea of meeting Sadako – when Yuri gives him the tape, he becomes ecstatic and immediately watches it, although the girls are less than thrilled, as Natsumi only has one day to live. Morishige takes the girls to an exorcist in the hopes that she can save Natsumi. However, Sadako possesses Natsumi and forces Morishige, the exorcist and her two assistants to kill themselves for interfering. In her dying breath, the exorcist tells the girls that a man with psychic powers, Keizo Tokiwa, is on his way to help them.When a despondent Natsumi blames Yuri for her condition, Yuri watches the tape, hoping that this will pass the curse on to her and Natsumi will be spared. However, Keizo arrives, accompanied by a blind psychic girl, Tamao, who tells Yuri that she has just unnecessarily cursed herself. The only way to permanently expunge it is to pit Sadako against another vengeful spirit so both obliterate each other. As Yuri hears that Natsumi has uploaded the cursed tape onto the Internet, Natsumi tries to commit suicide to escape her imminent death. Whilst Yuri rushes to save Natsumi, Sadako appears before Natsumi and kills her via hanging. Keizo and Tamao target Kayako Saeki to be the rival spirit.Meanwhile, high school student Suzuka Takagi starts having dreams of the haunted Saeki house after moving in nearby with her family. She later runs into Keizo and Tamao, who states that the house beckons to Suzuka. Keizo warns her not to enter or she will be killed. After Suzuka leaves, a group of bullies arrive and force a schoolboy to enter the Saeki house. However, Kayako and Toshio violently drag all of them to their demise, including the schoolboy. That night, Suzuka thinks she sees someone inside the Saeki house, and goes inside herself. She sees Toshio and her screams prompt her parents to rush in, but Kayako and Toshio kill them both. Keizo saves Suzuka, although she is already cursed. Yuri and Suzuka team up for Keizo’s plan: Together, they enter the Saeki house, so that Suzuka can watch the cursed videotape inside and Yuri can see Kayako, thus becoming afflicted with both curses. Keizo hopes this will make Sadako and Kayako fight over the girls. Toshio gets trapped in the television, Sadako and Kayako appear and engage in a violent confrontation between each other, though neither entity seems to gain any advantage. Keizo yells for the girls to flee, the plan having failed.Keizo reveals his last resort: one of the girls has to lure both ghosts into the well so they can be sealed inside. Yuri chooses to sacrifice herself, jumping into the well as Sadako and Kayako rush toward her, colliding into a contorting mass of flesh and hair. Keizo is instantly bisected as a result of the collision whilst the mass enters the well and possesses Yuri. Suzuka seals the well and seemingly imprisons the mass for good. This last resort does not work either: Yuri, who has Sadako’s appearance, crawls out, emitting Kayako’s death rattle; both Sadako and Kayako’s curses have combined, and become a single entity – Sayako. Sayako approaches a screaming Suzuka while Toshio appears behind Tamao. Their fates are left unknown.In a post-credits scene, Sayako is shown in the videotape footage, now croaking and body contorting as she moves toward the screen.It’s a weird experience and while it’s not really necessary to have seen all the other movies that came before this, a little bit of knowledge will help you enjoy this a bit more. It does seem a bit muddled and you may lose track of certain things, what with this combining “myths” and all. But just the fact they did this is great. It’s really a fun movie overall.


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