Shera Bechard (Dog Whisperer)
John Tokatlidis (Compulsion)
Frank J. Zupancic  (Suicide Squad)
Christian Bako (Nikita)
Patricia Stasiak  (The Last Kiss)

37550204_7199Karma Balint is a shy, mute Russian woman whose sister Anna left for Canada with bright hopes of making some money for the two of them. But after being whisked away by the Russian recruiter of Canada-bound housemaids , Anna never sent the money, she never wrote back… she just disappeared. When Karma discovers that Anna s body has been found in the woods on the outskirts of Toronto, the apparent victim of a Russian mafia hit, she sets off on a bloody, intercontinental trail of revenge that sees her face off – armed with only two hands, a calculating brain and a hefty dose of willpower – with some of the sleaziest elements of Toronto s organized criminal underground.37550204_7199It’s an excellent take on the old revenge theme. For a purely independent film, the production values were really high, even matching or exceeding some of the stuff coming out of Hollywood these days… especially the ones that pretend to be “nitty gritty”.





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