Don Wilson (Scorpion King 4)
Richard Norton (Road House 2)
Stacie Foster(Another World)
Joseph Ruskin (Star TreK: Insurrection)
John Aprea (The Godfather – Part II)
Abby Dalton (Falcon Crest)
Steve Burton (Taken)
Dana Sparks (Passions)

movies-cyber-tracker-1994_origIn the future (around 2015]), Eric Anthony Phillips is the head of the Secret Service detachment assigned to protect Senator Robert “Bob” Dilly (John Aprea). Sen. Dilly is a champion of the recently implemented Computerized Judicial System (Computerized Justice for short), a product of Cybercore Industry, that uses data as evidence to determine the guilt of accused criminals, then carries out the sentence using cyborg executioners called “Trackers” .2254979,eK3IQ4ATzOTddAC6ttDnp_Y6CBcdg7cTon0G6HHFwWiUKqa3ojuuW9XLRGCbVh6L0826fU64K9flKo9BfiVfOw==However, the more Phillips learns about Dilly and the Cybercore’s ruthless plans, the more uncomfortable he becomes and he refuses to go along with the murder of a corporate spy. This leads Dilly and Cybercore to frame Phillips with the murder as they activate a Tracker to execute him. Phillips defeats the Tracker but is taken by a group of underground rebels called the Union for Human Rights (UHR). The group is secretly led by popular news journalist Connie Griffith (Foster). While being tracked by another Tracker and Dilly’s head bodyguard (Norton), Phillips and Connie are able to break into Cybercore and steal secret files revealing that Sen. Dilly is in fact a cyborg. Phillips defeats the bodyguard and yet a third Tracker and then infiltrates a press conference to shoot Dilly, publicly revealing his mechanical nature. This, along with everything else UHR has discovered, causes the Computerized Judicial System to be shut down and Cybercore to collapse.ct07Instead of one killing machine, there’s a couple of them. You’d think this would be a really awful and routine rip-off of “The Terminator”, and, while it is routine, it isn’t that bad. Don “The Dragon” Wilson is better than you’d expect, and I really liked the ending. Best recommended for action/sci-fi fans, since it mostly appeals to them.


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