Colin Galyean (Quantum Apocalypse)
Ramona Mallory (The Lost Girls)
Josh Hammond (Jeepers Creepers II)
John Wells (Overtime)
Frederic Doss (Transformers)
Kevin Sorbo (Andromeda)

thelegobatman_trailer4Great white sharks bio-engineered to be the size of piranhas with the purpose of living in rich people’s exotic aquariums terrorize New York City when they get into the water supply and do what great white sharks do best. the_lego_batman_movie_4k-wideGot this cheap and knew it was going to be one of those SyFy films with cheap nasty effects & loads of clichés & bad script etc. I wasn’t surprised as it had cheap CGI effects, over used clichés & a very short run time of 73 minutes. But weirdly enough I liked it. Somehow the story-line was a bit far fetched, I mean come on, they were going to nuke the entire city over Piranhas? And what’s more we saw no other attacks aside from the people involved in the film? And alcohol killing them a weakness? It was all very stupid indeed & the film did feel rushed.AZS2_d-1024x684But Still it was a ok film with alot of flaws but somehow was still fun. It’s fantasy mixed with horror Overall, this film was bearable & watchable for a quick flick!81T-0YZ9mJL__SL1500_


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