Stephani Wells (Lingerie Bowl)
Cory Nelson
Paul Gagné  (Blood Predator)
Shaila Vaidya (Wounded Love)
Gillian Shure (Disturbia)
Genevieve Howell (One Mor Time)
Maurizio Rasti (Wildfire)
Vaedynn Orland (The Truth About Film School)

91CvKBu-feL__SL1500_Nobody could accuse Paul Gagné, the writer/director of teen slasher film Sickle, of being particularly imaginative or original with his debut effort: his supernatural killer armed with a sickle is named Marty Sickle.4bab20aad6ea62c7d79c9f15420a4805However, despite being totally uninspired and formulaic in the extreme, this trashy low-budget horror manages to be fairly entertaining fun for its duration, helped considerably by plenty of gratuitous nudity (always a slasher essential) from several rather gorgeous girls and some really hokey gore effects.19357761_1446097962115738_929318958_nA brief prologue sees a tasty death-obsessed slut convincing her boyfriend to take her to the local slaughterhouse (she slips her hand inside her panties and promises him some action when they get there); staying true to her word, once inside the abattoir, she proceeds to get naked and have it off with her lucky beau on the floor. Their sexy time is soon cut short, however, by the slaughterhouse’s resident psycho, Marty Sickle. The film then skips to the present day, where we are introduced to a bunch of good looking high-school kids who love nothing more than to party hard. Whilst at one of their outrageous evening bashes, the pals begin to talk about the Sickle legend: apparently, after killing the couple seen in the opening scene, Marty was attacked by a lynch mob and had his neck stretched. Now, anyone stupid enough to visit the abandoned slaughterhouse and repeat a rhyme three times will resurrect the murderous spirit of the maniacal murderer. Guess what happens next…… the teens do just that and get massacred. Unconvincingly.1442179337962Particularly dreadful effects include a laughably bad beheading (achieved via extremely ropey CGI), a victim split vertically in half (always a winner, but it’s a blink and you’ll miss it gag), a terrible crotch stabbing, and a sickle through the cheek. A body which is discovered torn in half (with the entrails hanging out of the thoracic cavity) is fairly juicy, but we don’t get to see the actual death. Fortunately, the supply of eye-candy is pretty much constant throughout the film, with gorgeous final survivor Stacey (Shaila Vaidya) losing the buttons on her blouse and (inexplicably) removing her mini skirt before the movie’s finalé. It’s not great film-making, but It’s good cheesy fun.


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