Vin Diesel (XXX)
Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil)
Sung Kang (Die Hard 4.0)
Tego Calderón (Bling’d: Blood, Diamonds)
Don Omar (Fast & Furious)

Dom-Letty-in-Los-Bandoleros-dom-and-lettyLeo Tego is imprisoned in the Dominican Republic, and engages in a debate with other prisoners regarding corporations holding back the electric car and starting wars for oil. Rico Santos, meanwhile, encounters difficulty in locating gas in order to get home on time for dinner. Han Lue later arrives, and is collected from the airport by Cara and Malo. They drive him back to Rico’s house, where his aunt Rubia is struggling to keep up with her gas bills. Han goes outside to see Dominic Toretto working on his car, before they both go inside to enjoy a meal with the entire family. Dominic discusses breaking Leo out of prison and stealing oil to support the family. Dominic, Cara, and Han later head to a nightclub to meet with corrupt local politician Elvis, who is able to arrange for the robbery to take place on a highway the following morning. After managing to break Leo out of prison and finalizing the plan with Rico, Dominic is surprised by the arrival of Letty Ortiz. The two drive together to a beach, and rekindle their romance.Dom-Letty-in-Los-Bandoleros-dom-and-letty-18642547-900-506The Fast and Furious franchise can, at times, be confusing. The first movie, The Fast and the Furious, centers around Dominic Toretto and his family of fast-driving, big-hearted criminals. 2 Fast 2 Furious puts Dom completely out of the picture and follows good-cop-gone-bad-gone-good-again Brian O’Conner down to Miami, where he meets up with an old friend and has absolutely no interaction with anyone from the first film – except for one of his cop bosses. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift then pulls fans even farther away from the people they’ve come to know and love. So when the fourth film in the franchise, Fast and Furious, decided to reunite the original crew and pull together the plots and characters from all three films, Vin Diesel knew he had some explaining to do.


His solution? A short film set after 2 Fast 2 Furious but before Tokyo Drift (much like the next three films would be) to tie up loose ends. And that’s just what Diesel did when he wrote and directed the 20-minute film Los Bandoleros. Available on YouTube and as an extra on the Blu-ray and special edition DVDs of Fast and Furious, this short film has now become an integral part of the franchise. Fans can even see clips from it in the opening credits sequence for Furious 6. An excellent short that brings closure to some unanswered questions.



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