Oliver James (What a Girl Wants)
Kristopher Turner (Saving Hope)
Rik Young (Beowulf)
Madison Riley (Grown Ups)
Amber McDonald (Aquaman 2006)
Ellen Albertini Dow (Wedding Crashers)

Two childhood friends (Oliver James and Kristopher Turner) reunite years later to take part in an unusual quest that involves traveling into the woods in search of Ben’s high school sweetheart. They are joined by their British rival Nigel (Rik Young) and, as the stakes get higher and the squirrels turn hostile, the hapless trio attempts to navigate a raging river while realizing that sometimes nature isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This “sequel” was only made because the first movie, 2004’s “Without a Paddle,” was a minor hit at the box office, making three times its expense in the USA alone. As you can see from the above synopsis, “Nature’s Calling” is merely a retread of the same plot with slight variations and different actors. If you liked the first film you might appreciate this one, but it’s anemic by comparison, not that the first one was that good. The protagonists are likable, but the shenanigans are only mildly amusing. The over-the-top scene with the squirrels is easily the best scene and is almost worth the price of admission. I suggest only watching this one if you’re a fan of the first movie and want to see a lesser film with the same plot and tone.


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