Megaranger returns back to the “teenagers with attitude” trope but instead of “recruit teenagers with attitude” like Turboranger and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers before it, it had the vibes of a lot of series before it. The whole selection process involves the Megaranger arcade game which selected the main hero Kenta Date.
powerranger1678However four of his schoolmates Kouichirou Endo (the de-facto leader even if he’s the black ranger), Shun Namiki (Kenta’s best friend), Chisato Jougasaki and Miku Imamuri get dragged into it. These teenagers with attitude have their whole lives changed all in one day. The Nezire had just begun its attack (shades of Bioman) and they suddenly get absorbed in the process. Dr. Kubota had no choice but to use the selected roster of teenagers to fight the invaders.
The Nezire is an invasion party from another dimension. The visible ruler is Javious whose origins aren’t really explored to how he even came to be. Instead, we had Dr. Hinelar the second-in-command who ran most of the show together with his creations Yugande and Shibolena. I always felt like that there were some similarities with evil science during Hirohisa Soda’s era. Dr. Hinelar is an expert in robotics and genetic manipulation as evidenced by his creations. Seeking to become the world’s greatest genius he also battles the show’s mentor Dr. Kubota whose science was for the betterment of mankind. Dr. Hinelar feels like he’s the center of Nezire considering he really embodies the wrong direction that science could take.
The organization later had two different eras that entered into the scene. When the Nezire kept losing against the Megarangers, its ruler would later send Gurail to assist them. I felt like Gurail was similar to Saint Sword Bilgenia in Kamen Rider Black, that is a badass villain who doesn’t last long. After Gurail gets written off we get the Nezirangers. The Nezirangers are a picture of the perversion of the Megarangers, twisted in every way and also unlike the Megarangers, they were so divided they trolled each other to death. This was also part of Dr. Hinelar’s manipulative plot to take over Nezire which he does. Most of his actions were the anti-thesis of Dr. Kubota. Much of the struggle was on robotics. vs life (Bioman),
While watching Megaranger, I thought of the fact that it’s really one of the best series I’ve ever seen.

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