Ian Virgo (Black Hawk Down)
Ryan Winsley (ABCS of Death 2)
Alex Esmail (Attack The Block)
Kyle Summercorn (Adulthood)
Kye Loren (Underbelly)
Vas Blackwood (Creep)
Lorraine Stanley (London to Brighton)
Billy Murray (The Bill)
Robert Cavanah (Highlander: The Raven)

When three of the country’s most notorious killers were shot dead in a desolate field, late one night, a criminal empire was toppled and the legend of the infamous Range Rover murders was born. Twenty years later, new faces are at the forefront of gangland Britain, but with the notorious killer never caught, there are those who haven’t forgotten and won’t rest until justice is served. The epic revenge spree that would shake the local crime families and police force to their core. Their names will never be known, but their actions shocked a nation. Borrowing loosely from the ‘Essex Boys’ history of drug dealing and violence that followed it the attempt is made to bring the scene up to date with a crew of brothers taking the position of the ‘new boys’. The back story is delivered by the Bill Murray of TV’s The Bill who you would think could add some weight to the film sadly this isn’t the case. Do not waste your life even considering buying this.



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