Kelly Macdonald (Brave)
Freddie Jones (Dune)
Miriam Margolyes (Babe)
Jason Hughes (Killing Me Softly)
Sian Rivers (The Miracle Maker)


Set in a small South Wales town La Scala bingo hall is struggling to compete with the new, flashy complex that is opening on the other side of town. La Scala has been a family business for three generations, first a music hall then a variety theatre, next a cinema and now a bingo hall. Mr Anzani (Freddie Jones) the present Welsh/Italian owner tries desperately to keep the hall going as his regular clientele desert him to go to the new hi-tech centre. The star caller at La Scala (Jason Hughes) is also deserting the sinking ship to advance his career in the Bingo world. It is up to Linda (Kelly Macdonald) to save the day. Linda with her aunt (Miriam Margolyes) devise a fascinating scheme to put La Scala back on the map. Meanwhile Linda’s working colleague Kay (Mossie Smith) flirts outrageously with any man that comes across her path. She provides most of the laughs, the scene when she gets a soaking when the tank bursts is brilliant – it has to be seen to be believed.
All the members of the cast are perfect in their roles – it is basically a young cast and obviously full of talent to look for in the future, especially Kelly Macdonald of Train Spotting fame. House is a very enjoyable film, there is nothing in it that could offend. No violence, only the odd swear word, no big special effects, no explicit sex scenes – how refreshing. It was good to be able to watch a film and be entertained, laugh at their antics, feel for their anguish and just feel that an enjoyable evening has been spent. House breezes along with bags of charm – it is a real gem.




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