Marc Singer (V)
Matthias Hues (Star Trek VI)
Rochelle Swanson (Secret Games 3)
Robin Clarke (The Formula)
Kin Shriner (Manhunter)
Brinke Stevens (Teenage Exorcist)

maxresdefault2077, twenty years after an earthquake has sent all the states along the western American seaboard into the ocean. The populace is divided between monied classes living inside domed cities and the poor and mutated in the wastelands outside. In Phoenix City, bounty hunter Jack Ford receives an assignment from a corporation to track down four female pleasure androids that have been stolen from a colony on Jupiter. Jack is reluctantly paired with cybernetic specialist Beth Enright who has never been outside the city before. The two follow a trail that leads through the seedy wasteland underworld to an operation smuggling vice into the morally pure underwater city of New Angeles.
1Fred Olen Ray is a director who has carved out a unique niche for himself. He makes B movies – a great many of them, nearly 200 at current count. All of his s films steal their ideas from better, bigger-budgeted mainstream films – Phoenix 2 is his take on Blade Runner.


Phoenix 2  is one of Fred Olen Ray’s better efforts. The film is cheaply made – the underwater city, for example, never consists of anything more than scenes shot in the basement corridors of some industrial plant. There are some capable cut-price model effects from the New World studios in-house effects group. There is the usual collection of Olen Ray bimbos – including Scream Queen Brinke Stevens and softcore actress Lorissa McComas. What makes Phoenix 2 enjoyable is Fred Olen Ray’s clear sense of humour. The sparring relationship between Marc Singer’s worldwise bounty hunter and Rochelle Swanson’s city slicker is well drawn out. Not to mention the pleasure droids who are always stripping their clothes off and trying to pleasure their men at the most inappropriate of times – in one amusing scene, they are dressed as nuns trying to tempt Matthias Hues while he is trying to fly a ship. There is also a drolly amusing scene where Marc Singer bursts into a brothel, interrupting a couple during sex to scan her to see if she is an android and before departing pulls out a photo of the woman he was searching for earlier, “By the way your husband’s looking for you.”. It’s a cheap Sci-Fi film that has nothing to do with the previous Phioenix film, but still a silly enjoyable saturday night film for when nothings on TV.


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