Adam Sandler (Jack & Jill)
Burt Young (Amityville II)
Tom Hodges (Critters 2)
Scott LaRose  (Life With Louie)
Allen Covert (Mr. Deeds)
Billy Zane (Zoolander 1 & 2)
Terry Moore (Kill Your Darlings)
Billy Bob Thornton (Bad Santa)
Peter Berg (Shocker)

Going Overboard01

Shecky Moskowitz (Sandler) is a struggling comedian working on a cruise ship. Shecky gets his chance to be the ship’s comedian when it is thought that the regular comedian, Dickie Diamond (LaRose), had fallen overboard and drowned. (Dickie actually locked himself in the men’s room) Shecky is nervous about performing, but King Neptune (Zane) convinces him to go for the opportunity by telling Shecky about the power of laughter. Shecky’s first performance is very unsuccessful as he is booed off the stage, he is especially heckled by the construction worker Dave (Thornton). However, after a lecture by Milton Berle, Shecky succeeds in making the audience laugh. At that point, the terrorists come onboard and want to kill Miss Australia. Shecky, remembering the advice about the power of laughter, saves her by promising to put the assassins in a film.goingoverboard3I am surprised I managed to watch the whole film, I guess I was just waiting for a laugh, sadly this did not arrive. I would imagine most people who have watched this film did not make it the whole way through. One of the worst movies ever made.


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