Dylan Horne
Grace Powell (Possessed)
Travis Hester (Where We Go)
Shane Stewart (One Happy Pier)
Michael Biehn (The Terminator)
Jennifer Blanc (Dark Angel)

Love-Bite-DIJacob is an American low budget indie slasher film, written and directed by Larry Wade Carrell, who also plays two (yes, two) characters. It is much better than I was expecting, to be honest. It is well made. It begins with three kids outside an old abandoned house where the spirit of Jacob (Dylan Horne) is meant to reside. Before one can go inside an ageing police sheriff Billy Keller (Larry Wade Carrell) stops him but confirms that Jacob was a real person .we then go back in time (thirty years). Jacob, his little sister Sissy (Grace Powell) and their mother Edith (Krysten Caldwell) are all living with Edith’s abusive partner Otis Keller (Larry Wade Carrel). Otis is also the brother of the then deputy sheriff, Billy. While the hulking seemingly almost automaton-like Jacob never speaks (and previous dark deeds are only alluded to – missing animals, barn fires….) he listens and responds to his little sister, who keeps him under control.
Along the way, there is also a further flash back to when young Jacob and (then unborn) Sissy’s real father, Lawrence, was alive (played in a cameo by Michael Biehn). The family inherit “the old Macleod house”, Edith wants nothing to do with the place because of its dark reputation, but Lawrence finds an old book there, while renovating the place and starts hearing voices, which sends him bonkers. He comes into town after being missing for weeks and starts killing people, before being shot down by the sheriff. All in front of a young Jacob Forward a few years and when a young Sissy is killed, Jacob, now a hulking youth, does not take kindly to it. The third act does have a bit of a “Frankenstein” feel to it (with the locals sporting rifles and customised baseball bats, instead of pitch forks and flaming torches), all whom come a cropper in a nice variety of ways. The film is not your typical “Halloween, Friday, Nightmare…..” indiscriminate screaming victim slasher fest. Jacob seems motivated not to harm others directly (except Otis, who was indirectly responsible for his sister’s death and comes to a grizzly end), but only those who seek to stop him from taking his dead sister’s body to the old abandoned Macleod house.Love-Bite-imageOverall, I thought it was a surprisingly good low budget horror film.


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