John Schneider (Smallville)
Tim Abell (Clubhouse)
Sarah Lieving (The Amityville Terror)
Catherine Annette (The Coed and The Zombie)
Trish Cook (Union Bound)
Rebecca Grant(Merry Ex-Mas)
Jerry Lacy (As The World Turns)

supershark-tankPersistent exposure of ocean wildlife to a toxic goo used in oil drilling leads to a shark growing in size and becoming bulletproof, and even attaining the ability to move around on land. It destroys the oil rig that caused it, and then moves to Los Angeles where it eats several divers and threatens to disrupt a bikini contest. Marine biologist Dr. Catherine Carmichael hires captain Chuck, a local drunk, to drive her out to the oil rig, owned by Traymore Industries, to investigate. Meanwhile, two female lifeguards plan to drink and have casual sex, and a kite surfer is eaten by the “super shark”. Carmichael takes a water sample, then confronts the CEO of Traymore who invites her for drinks and dinner. When Carmichael interviews the sole survivor from the oil rig accident, it is disclosed that highly harmful chemicals were used to bore through the rock and that a shark pulled down the rig.
78592_slipMeanwhile, Carmichael tells the CEO what she thinks happened: a “hydrolizing agent” caused the oil rig to crumble. Soon, a US Navy submarine disappears, and a search plane spots the super shark. At the bar, the two female lifeguards are joined by the male lifeguard, awaiting the bikini contest. Back out on the ocean, Carmichael and skipper Chuck are circled by the super shark until Carmichael, acting on a hunch, tells Chuck to turn off the radio, after which the super shark leaves. She speculates that the fish was attracted to radio waves and sent out signals which disturbed radio reception.The bikini contest winner and the runner-up are eaten at the beach, together with the photographer, who had had the radio playing. The CEO reveals that he knows that Carmichael has been fired from her job for harassing oil company executives. He offers her a briefcase full of money if she’ll go away; she accepts. Skipper Chuck finds her drunk in a bar; she tells him that she was fired, and that her brother died when the Exxon Valdez went down. She passes out and wakes up in Chuck’s boat.
agent-prisheltsev-pngCarmichael and skipper Chuck get emotionally close, and seek contact with the military, which has invented a remote-controlled tank that can walk and jump. With the help of a boombox and external speaker, the super shark is lured to a beach, where the tank is unsuccessful in shooting it. Carmichael manages to drop a bomb made of C-4 explosives into the beast’s mouth, and it is blown to pieces.alienagent-el47Don’t even try to take this film seriously, because it’s obviously made for laughs. The overly plastic animation of the shark, how it attacks and the clichés of the main characters almost getting it on with each other on screen, the bad acting, the way how the shark overcomes the attacks, etc etc. If you’re a critic you will hate it, if you wanna see a movie for super laughs, get super shark.


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