Clea Duvall (The Lizzie Borden Chronicles)
Steven Culp (Arrow)
Tyler Mane (X-Men)
Jason Marsden (Full House)
Karim Prince (Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers)
Julie Strain (Blood Thirsty)

Image result for how to make a monster (2001)When a test group says the company’s latest video game, Evilution, is too boring, the game’s development team is fired. Businessman Peter Drummond hires three new programmers: A weapons expert named Hardcore, a game artificial intelligence designer named Sol, and a sound effects creator named Bug. Faye Clayton promises $1 million to the programmer who makes the game the “scariest”, igniting a fierce rivalry between the trio. During a storm three weeks later, lightning strikes the building and causes all of the computers and electronic equipment to go offline. After a meeting with Drummond, the three programmers decide to try out the game with the help of Clayton Software intern Laura Wheeler. The game involves a motion capture suit that is connected to the computer network and used to program the game’s movements. Peter places a backup CD into the external drive while the others set up. Bug, Hardcore, and Sol soon lose the game, and are surprised to see Laura get all the way to the final boss.Pranksta_Rap_27Sol inserts his new AI chip into the mainframe and begins to play the game. As he advances to the game’s third level, the motion capture suit connected to the computer network comes alive. Simultaneously, the suit attacks Sol in real life while an in-game monster drags Sol’s video game character away. The following morning, Bug and Hardcore discover that Sol has been killed and the backup CD has been stolen. Hardcore attempts to review the security camera tapes with his PDA, but accidentally touches the motion capture suit, which has merged itself with Sol’s dead body. The suit attacks Hardcore; although he initially manages to fight it off, he is later killed. The suit then merges itself with Hardcore’s muscular body and takes all of his weapons, giving it a striking resemblance to the monster in the game. Bug theorizes that the lighting strike combined with Sol’s powerful AI chip has caused the suit to believe the real world is part of the video game. Bug, Laura and Drummond decide to pull the computer’s plug, although doing so will likely erase all of the game’s data.Image result for how to make a monster (2001)While Bug tries to figure out which set of wires to pull, Drummond is attacked by the monster in Hardcore’s body. With Bug’s help, Drummond manages to escape, but the security system malfunctions, seals all exits, and leaves Laura, Bug, and Drummond in near darkness. Bug travels through ceiling shafts and falls into the kitchen area, where he is attacked by the monster. As the monster draws closer, Bug exposes a gas line and lights his lighter, killing both himself and the monster. The monster returns to the motion-capture suit and attacks Drummond, but Laura saves him by virtually fighting the in-game monster. Laura later tries to beat the game but becomes frustrated and hysterical. Drummond suggests that she try a virtual reality headset, promising to stay with her while she fights. However, in the midst of the game, Laura realizes Drummond has left her. Lady_KongThe monster appears and, in the real world, Laura escapes to the kitchen. There she finds a PDA displaying a video of Drummond stealing the game’s backup CD the night of Sol’s death; had Drummond not stolen it, the CD would have allowed the programmers to reverse compile the game and shut down the monster. Laura finds and confronts Drummond at gun point, forcing him to drop the CD. Drummond makes a speech stating that everyone is ultimately a monster. Laura shoots him in the knee and allows the monster to kill him. Laura then dons the VR headset and gloves, acquires a sword, and simultaneously battles the monster in both the real and virtual world. In the real world, she lures the suit toward a fish tank and electrocutes it with the water inside. She then stabs the monster with her sword, finally killing the monster.With everyone else who made the game dead, Laura turns in the final version of the game and demands the million dollar bonus for herself. The whole event has changed her, making her more jaded and world weary. The video game finally impresses the game testers. Laura uses the game’s success to become the new ruthless CEO of the company, which is renamed Wheeler Software.Image result for how to make a monster (2001)It’s a clichéd, cheesy creature feature yet that doesn’t mean that it won’t entertain. Give it a shot if you’re in for some harmless fun or have a particular love for these kinds are encouraged to give it a shot.



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