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Image result for south park spookyfishCartman has skipped class but shows up at the bus stop to meet the boys when they get off the bus – wearing a goatee and acting strangely agreeable. Cartman explains that he missed school that day because he was taking care of the house for his mother, who has the flu. The boys are shocked and confused at this news coming from the normally obnoxious and uncaring Cartman.
Image result for south park spookyfishLater, Stan arrives home, where his mother Sharon tells him that his Aunt Flo has come to town for her “monthly visit”. Aunt Flo gives Stan’s sister Shelly a huge stereo system and gives Stan a goldfish in a bowl. Stan doesn’t like the fish and finds it spooky because of the way it stares at him, but Sharon insists that he put it in his room.
Image result for south park spookyfishThe next morning at the bus stop, Stan and Kyle expect to meet the new nice version of Cartman, who promised to bring money for them to buy a pumpkin for carving. However, Cartman arrives in his normal obnoxious mood, proclaiming that he would never give money to them.
Image result for south park spookyfish
Later that night, it is stormy, and the nice version of Cartman appears at Kenny’s house and gives Kenny and his family some provisions for the storm. Kenny’s father Stuart is surprised which his son confirms. Meanwhile, Stan is in bed, trying to sleep despite being repeatedly terrorized by the fish. Despite what Stan says, Sharon remains unconvinced that there is any trouble until Stan gets up and finds a dead body on the floor.
Image result for south park spookyfishStan later reflects on all of these happenings when he asks Kyle if he thinks animals can be murderers like people can, to which Kyle replies that he doesn’t know. While talking about this, they again notice a change in Cartman, who is first mean to Kenny for getting a squash for carving because he couldn’t afford a pumpkin, then after leaving the room to get a sharper knife and coming back, has a goatee and is nice to Kenny and shows him how to safely cut with a knife while singing about their all being best friends.  The following morning, Stan, Kyle and Kenny discover that the two personalities of Cartman are in fact two separate people. Chef tells the boys that the kinder version of Cartman is from an “Evil Parallel Universe” and that Stan’s fish must be from the same world. The boys decide to return the fish to the pet store, but not before it kills Kenny too. Stan, Kyle and Evil Cartman track down the Ancient Indian Burial Ground Pet Store, where they find the portal to the alternate universe. The store owner explains that the portal appeared after he built his shop on top of a literal old Indian burial ground. The store is stocked with animals that all, with the exception of Stan’s fish, have glowing red eyes.
Image result for south park spookyfish
After returning the fish to the owner and advising him to move his store off the burial ground, the boys leave just as the Stan and Kyle from the evil world show up, also sporting goatees. Just as “evil” Cartman is the complete opposite of his good world self, “evil” Stan and Kyle are both the opposite of their good world selves and are thus cruel, wanting to bring their nice “friend” Evil Cartman back so they can torment him again. They align with the good world Cartman, who is sick of his “goody two-shoes” clone, and the trio find the good world Stan and Kyle along with Evil Cartman.

Image result for south park spookyfishThe evil Stan and Kyle have a gun that sends things back to the alternate world. Good Stan manages to get it and sends back the two clones. He and Kyle then decide to use it on Cartman – their Cartman – so that they can keep the nice one. Cartman, shocked by this, then attacks Evil Cartman and rips off his goatee. The two wrestle until Stan and Kyle do not know which is which. One Cartman says that Stan should shoot them both “for the good of the world”. Stan immediately shoots the other Cartman, stating that the “good universe” Cartman would never say that. However it is then revealed that the normal Cartman did say it in order to trick the boys into shooting Evil Cartman, and he proceeds to taunt them for being “hella stupid.” (Throughout the episode the normal Cartman uses the slang “hella” to the irritation of the other boys, and this is one of the factors in their decision to send him to the Evil Universe.)Image result for south park spookyfishTheres a great shot in the episode where the two Cartmans meet, and how it looks like a badly pulled off split screen effect – an effect they stick with throughout the episode. It’s little jokes like this, and attention to detail that set South Park apart in the early days. also theres another classic ‘Who is the good one?’ scene when The Cartmans face off. It’s funnyand clever and an early example of South Park greatness.


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