Jamie Lee Curtis (Scream Queens)
Alan Bates (The Rose)
Hallie Kate Eisenberg (Holy Rollers)
Isabella Ferrari (A Perfect Day)

In the movie Nicholas’ Gift A family from America travels to Italy with there young son Nicholas and young daughter Nicholas is fascinated about the story of Penelope and Greek mythology throughout the trip he makes inferences about death, Is there a heaven?, How do the dead people get across the river? But then on a highway 2 bandits shoot and injure little Nicholas and he becomes brain dead the parents decide to donate his organs which save seven other patients throughout Italy which makes him the hero he always dreamed to be.Image result for NICHOLAS GIFT FILM

Nicholas’ Gift is a must-have for any family movie collection! It is a powerful story of sacrifice, forgiveness, and faith at a time when most people would not be thinking about those things. When the family vacation to Italy takes a really bad turn, the family’s simple decision and choices lead to a positive outcome for all. This movie also tells the story of both organ donation and organ transplantation from the sides of both the donor family and the recipient, unique to stories of organ transplants (which are almost always one sided – from the donor’s family’s side or from the recipient’s side). Definitely a movie worth watching!


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