Debra Mayer (Blood Dolls)
Riley Smith (Eight Legged Freaks)
Chad Burris (Rescue 77)
Kevin Calisher (Roswell)
Huntley Ritter (Bring It On)
Ben Indra (I’m Still Waiting For You)
Drew Fuller (Charmed)
Rhett Wilkins (Crocodile)

Image result for voodoo academyWhile most horror directors feature lovely young girls menaced by evil, director David DeCoteau has turned the tables with films where young frat boys are the victims. Voodoo Academy is one such movie and we know it from the opening scene, where a young man, clad only in his underwear, is bound to a table. A priest and a busty woman take turns massaging his near naked body until he is in the throes of orgasm – whereupon he is slain in a voodoo sacrifice. Welcome to Carmichael Bible College, a male-only school for pure minded boys who have pledged to remain virgins. Rev. Carmichael and Mrs. Bouvier  need six young male virgins for their nefarious voodoo ceremony. The whole movie revolves around these six. In a way, they are like the seven dwarfs – each with a defining characteristic. Chris, the new boy, is played by Riley Smith, who’s featured on TV’s new 90210 and has played tough guy roles in several action movies. Here, he is the smart guy that quickly catches on to the weird stuff happening at the school. His best friend is Billy, played by Kevin Calisher, a wiseass with a sculpted body. Then there’s Rusty, played by Huntley Ritter from the movie Bring It On. Rusty is a teenage bodybuilding champ whose powerful young physique is always on display. Mike, Sam and Paul (Drew Fuller from TV’s Charmed) complete the six.


Though the plot is murky, it comes down to drugging the unsuspecting boys with a lust-inducing potion and then luring them – one by one – up to Mrs. Bouvier’s room where she seduces them before sacrificing them to Satan. After avoiding the drug, Chris wakes up one night and witnesses its effects on his buddy Billy. Billy, asleep and naked except for a tight pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, is writhing in ecstasy, running his hands over his smooth, ripped body. With his bare chest and chiseled abs glistening with sweat, he works himself up to an orgasm in his sleep. Looking around the room, Chris realizes that each of the near naked boys is likewise involved in a wet dream of their own.Image result for voodoo academyWhen Rusty, clad only in briefs and gym socks, goes sleepwalking, Chris, also in his skivvies, follows him to Mrs. Bouvier’s room where he watches her run her hands over Rusty’s muscled body and lick his impressive six-pack. When her seduction is complete, the young stud is ready for death and Satan accepts another sacrifice. The next day Chris tries to convince the other boys of their danger, but the drug is still working on them and transforming them from innocents to thugs. Flaunting their hard bodies and now dressed in wife beaters or skin tight black tee shirts, they’ve become “bad boys” waiting for their turn with Mrs. Bouvier. One by one the other boys are targeted. Rev. Carmichael finds Paul soaking in the bathtub and offers him a soothing shoulder massage. While the boy moans with pleasure under the priests strong hands, the Rev slips a potion into the water and watches the young stud succumb. Mrs. Bouvier seduces another boy with her demonic charms and adds him to the body count.  Finally, only Chris, Billy and Sam are left and it’s up to Chris to save them with a few tricks of his own. The Rev’s and Mrs. Bouvier’s magic finally backfires and they are destroyed. The boys, however, are permanently changed and their new badass attitude becomes them. Like Chris says, “Hey, I really wanted to go to Business School anyway.”


Those that know the director know what to expect its a cheap cheesy horror film with little story, but passes a Saturday Afternoon.



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