Jason Mewes (Dogma)
Kevin Smith (Clerks)
Raven Cinello (Robocop 2014)
Lauren Collins (Take The Lead)
Aubrey Graham (Anchorman 2)
Jake Epstein (Charlie Bartlett)
Stacey Farber (Narc)
Shane Kippel (Dog Pound)
Mike Lobel (Suck)
Melissa McIntyre (Timesweep)
Cassie Steele (The Dorm)
Alanis Morissette (Dogma)

Image result for jay and silent bob do degrassiJay and Silent Bob do Degrassi is a 3 episode arc of Degrassi-The Next Generation. These 3 episodes are the last episodes of the shows 4th season. Kevin Smith descends upon Degrassi to film a movie, “Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi.” Although, the Kevin Smith storyline is prevalent, the main Degrassi storyline continues. The first episode of the arc primarily focuses on Paige being a spoiled brat as usual. She doesn’t want to give Manny any credit for her role in the spirit squad and the two go back and forth. Craig speaks to a member of Kevin Smiths production about writing a song for the movie. Happy, Craig and Ashley get to work. Their songs are panned and Ashley decides to move to Europe, she was already planning the Europe trip but the songs being panned is the dealmaker. The second episode of the arc is mainly more Craig and Ashley. Craig and Caitlin (the object of Kevin Smiths crush), discuss Craig going to Europe. Joey Jermiah (Craig’s Stepdad) gives in to Craig’s plan but when Ashley is less than happy when Craig announces his plans to join her, he goes off the deep end.

Image result for jay and silent bob do degrassi

Production wise these episodes aired as “West End Girls,” and “Going Down The Road part 1 &2.” funimation offers awesome releases of Degrassi DVD’s and the Jay and Silent Bob set is being released in a regular and an unrated version. The third episode of the arc features a lot more Kevin Smith as he and Caitlin grow closer. It’s a good little collectible for Kevin Smith fans


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