David Mattey (Hanock)
Clyde Lewis (Nightfall)
Heidi Sjursen (Spell Out)
Paul Kyrmse (Terror Firmer)
Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet)
Ron Jeremy (Orgazmo)
Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys)
Trent Haaga (Killjoy Goes To Hell)
Mark Torgl (Beast)
Rick Collins (SGT. Kabukiman NYPD)
Lisa Gaye (Terror Firmer)
Stan Lee (Avengers Assemble)
Eli Roth (Inglorious Basterds)
Hugh M. Hefner (The House Bunny)

Image result for CITIZEN TOXIEThis is an excellent sequel, that goes incredibly way over the line, and you know what?, I absolutely loved it!. All the characters are excellent, and the story while juvenile and incredibly bizarre was awesome, plus the performances are all highly amusing!. It was often very bizarre but in a good way, and it has to be one of the goriest films I have ever seen, plus it’s very well made and written for it’s low budget. This is even better then the awesome original Toxic Avenger, and it had some bizarre characters (Like The Vibrator, Dolphin man etc,etc) but they all were really cool, plus I loved the final showdown between Good Toxie and Evil Toxie!. The diaper mafia at the beginning were just hilarious, and while I did feel ashamed for laughing at some things because they went way over the line, I couldn’t help it! plus it’s extremely creative as well. It also may be the best Troma movie I have ever seen, and the gore effects were very good for it’s low budget, plus I also loved it’s sleaziness.LE-FEU-SOUS-LA-PEAU-SUBURBAN-MAYHEMThis is definitely one of the goriest films I have ever seen. We get Ripped out tongues, tons of very bloody impaling’s an old lady gets her face squished by car, a very gory baby fight in someone’s belly, tons and tons of severed limbs all over the place, cut off arms, cut off hands,someone’s dick blows up (you heard me), people sh*t themselves,ripped of b*alls,cross out the moth in back of head,2 buckets full of intestines and other goodies, so many people get there intestines ripped out in graphic detail,someone is cut in half, severed head, tons of extremely bloody gunshot wounds,buckets and buckets of blood and so incredibly much more I can’t even remember!.
Image result for CITIZEN TOXIEThe Acting is a lot of fun!. David Mattey is brilliant as both the Toxie’s he was funny, charming, was tons of fun to watch, and he seemed to have a ball as Evil Toxie, he truly is The Toxic Avenger and I hope to see him playing Toxie once more if they do an Toxic Avenger 5!. Heidi Sjursen is great fun as both Sarah and Claire, she played it straight, and I had fun watching her, I really dug her. Paul Kyrmse is a lot of fun as Kabukiman especially when ever he got drunk, he was also fun as the evil one too. Joe Fleishaker is hilarious as the sidekick Lard Ass/Chester, and boy can he ever eat!. Michael Budinger is funny as the handicapped Junkie I loved him!. Lisa Terezakis is hilarious as Sweetie Honey and was extremely convincing. Rest of the cast are fine. Overall a must see for everyone!.


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