Keanu Reeves (Speed)
Laurence Fishburne (Hannibal)
Carrie-Anne Moss (Jessica Jones)
Hugo Weaving (The Hobbit)

The documentary mainly revolves around interviews with those involved: directors The Wachowski Brothers, ace cinematographer Bill Pope, editor Zach Staenberg, legendary (rightly so) fight choreographer Yuen Wo Ping, producer Joel Silver, actors Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie Anne-Moss and other members of the film’s cast and crew. The documentary mainly revolves around the first picture – for those who are hoping to see some sneak peeks of the second picture, there really aren’t many. “Revisited” revolves almost entirely around the production of the first picture, as we hear from many of the crew members, who discuss their roles in the film’s production – such as costumes, sets, visual effects and other elements. Most of the detailed production interviews are quite informative and interesting; yet, there are moments that talk about the story (Reeves often discusses it in his interviews) or how great everyone was that offer less insight. These moments are brief and mainly at the begining of the documentary.

While much of the documentary offers interviews from around the set and in offices, there are also some terrific behind-the-scenes clips, showing the actors in serious physical preparation for their fight sequences and some clips of the production at work in Australia. The documentary gets more enjoyable in the second half, as we see more about the making of the film and some of the obstacles that had to be faced (Reeves’ physical problems as the production began) and in-depth footage of how some of the film’s biggest stunts were achieved.

II didn’t feel this was just some “promotional” piece, but a well-crafted and often very informative two-hour documentary about the film’s journey from pre-production to final film.


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