Trey Parker (Tales From The Crapper)
Matt Stone (Orgazmo)
Isaac Hayes (Dr. Dolittle 2)

Season 8 includes more amazing South Park episodes with topics that remain relevant and fresh. Every time South Park comes out with an incredible episode, I think they have reached their zenith and every time I think that, they prove me wrong. Their take on steroids using the Special Olympics as well as their coverage of Walmart and Michael Jackson are new highs.“Good Times with Weapons”–The boys buy martial arts weapons at the county fair and dive into the world of anime. In a showdown with Professor Chaos, Kenny gets carried away and throws a star blade into Butters’ eye. The boys are afraid they will get grounded. In the end, the town is more concerned when Cartman’s naked invisibility powers malfunction.BZkp6OYCQAAwGBl

“Up the Down Steroid”–One of my favorites. Cartman thinks if he pretends to be mentally challenged, he’s a shoe-in to win the Special Olympics. Meanwhile, Jimmy wants to win so badly he is willing to use steroids. Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, and Jason Giambi make an “appearance” to symbolize that kids should never cheat (yeah, right). Classic, I love the part where Cartman “trains” to be mentally challenged and when he tries to complete in the events, but the Jimmy beating up his girlfriend bit was a little much.

“The Passion of the Jew”–Boy, is this all of a sudden relevant again. Cartman convinces Kyle to watch The Passion of the Christ and Kyle is so traumatized, he begins to question his faith. Cartman then organizes a movement reminiscent of something that happened in Germany 70 years ago. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny try to get their theatre ticket money back by confronting Mel Gibson. The Gibson scenes are way over-the-top.

“I Got F’d in the A”–The boys get “served” by Orange County dancers and the adults seem to care more about the situation than the boys. When Stan’s dad teaches his son to dance, Stan serves up the other kids and “it’s on” (whatever).

“Awesom-o”–Another one of my favorites. Cartman pretends to be Butters’ personal robot to get dirt on him, but when Butters lets it be known that he has video of Cartman in an embarrassing situation, Cartman has to play robot longer than he expected. Soon “Awesom-o” will be used by movie producers to come up with film ideas and be the object the government wants to convert into a weapon. Great scene: when the movie producer asks “Awesom-o” if he’s been programmed to pleasure humans.

“The Jeffersons”–One of SP’s all-time best!! Michael, uh, Jefferson and his son Blanket move into South Park but Kyle is concerned Mr. Jefferson “just seems like he wants to be a kid, not have one.” Mr. Jefferson thinks everyone is just “ignorant.” Great scenes: Stan’s dream (yuck),and “Got your nose.” The music is good, too.south-park-s08e06c09-stop-the-future-16x9“Goobacks”–People from the over-populated future come to the past seeking employment and blue collar workers from the present protest that these “goobacks” are taking their jobs. These workers have a solution: to turn gay so as to stop future generations.“Douche and Turd”–PETA is forcing South Park Elementary to change their cow mascot. Kyle and Cartman compete with two different write-in candidates. Stan does not see the point in choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich; not even Puff Daddy’s “Vote or Die” threats will persuade him.south-park-s08e06c09-stop-the-future-16x9

“Something Wall*Mart This Way Comes”–What’s up with that title? Wall*Mart comes to South Park and everything changes, especially Stan’s dad, who goes a bit mad.maxresdefault“Pre-School”–A tough kid the boys betrayed back in pre-school and had sent to juvenile hall is out on parole.tumblr_static_4i9ja7kf7ri84wsk4g08c00kc_640_v2

“Quest for Ratings”–The boys’ school news show is getting smoked in the ratings, so they need to jazz it up.“Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset”–All the girls want to be like Paris Hilton. Wendy does not think Paris is a proper role model but, when she is ditched by her friends, she is about to give in. Mr. Slave saves the day by competing with Paris in a whore-off.“Cartman’s Incredible Gift”–After being in a coma, police detectives believe Cartman has developed psychic powers to identify serial killers. Of course, many innocent people are arrested as a result.“Woodland Critter Christmas”–Now this story is twisted. Stan helps a group of animals prepare for the birth of their savior only to find out they are devil worshippers. The last line of the story is hilarious.Image result for south park woodland critter christmasEvery season since season three  has gotten better and better.


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