Mike Myers (Austin Powers)
Eddie Murphy (Dr. Dolittle)
Cameron Diaz (Bad Teacher)
John Lithgow (3rd Rock From The Sun)
Conrad Vernon (Bee Movie)
Cody Cameron (Open Season)

1474473991_128475_1474474187_noticia_normalShrek, Fiona, and Donkey are on their way to the hotel where Shrek and Fiona will spend their honeymoon when they encounter Lord Farquaad’s ghost! Farquaad sends his henchman, Thelonious, to bring Princess Fiona to him where he will force her to become the queen of the ghostly world. Now, Shrek and Donkey must save the princess in this timeless tale that’s filled with spooky-good fun.shrek-4-d-12594I loved the movie Shrek, so I was all for checking out Shrek 3D. And it was a really great and enjoyable short, with wonderful animation especially with the waterfall and effects that really draw you into what’s going on especially Donkey sneezing and the spiders. The music is driven and memorable, the plot is simple but engaging and the jokes are very funny and well written, with the part at the start of the short in the torture chamber a riot and the dialogue always witty and amusing. The characters are just as likable as in the movie, especially Donkey and Gingerbread, and the voice work especially from Eddie Murphy is full of energy.




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