Van Williams (Westwind)
Bruce Lee (Enter The Dragon)
Wendy Wagner (Rosemary’s Baby)
Lloyd Gough (The Front)
Walter Brooker (Tora! Tora! Tora!)


When Bruce Lee passed in 1973, 2 films were pieced together in an attempt to cash in on Bruce Lee mania via splicing together some of Lee’s best moments from the Green Hornet series, and thus making 2 90 min. “Bruce Lee films” to the joy of those who were anxious for more Bruce Lee footage. The first was entitled “Green Hornet”, the second was entitled, “Fury of the Dragon.”


The first film compilation released in 1974, The Green Hornet  was a much better edited and carefully constructed film compilation of the TV series released by 20th Century Fox who chose rather carefully the best episodes of the series to make a slightly cohesive 90 minute feature film. Unfortunately,that is not the case for this second film compilation which was released by an independent film company and not by Fox and it definitely shows in it’s shoddiness in editing the various episodes of the show just to showcase Lee’s fighting scenes and not to try to establish some kind of story cohesiveness in the film itself. Some 15 episodes of the show are used in this compilation,even footage from the four episodes that was used for the first film compilation of The Green Hornet that was released in theaters two years earlier. As a result,the film makes little sense at all compared with the first film compilation of the Hornet TV series and for that reason, Fury of the Dragon is much more exploitive of Bruce Lee in the way it was shoddily made and rushed in it’s production compared with the more watchable first film.





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