John Allen Nelson (Sheena)
Steve Levitt (The Incredible Hulk Returns)
Deborah Shelton (Plughead Rewired)
Rebecca Bush (Growing Up Brady)
James Coco (Muppets Take Manhattan)
Robert Morse (The Loved One)
Cynthia Szigeti (Repo Man)
Hilary Shepard (Power Rangers Turbo)
Brad Pitt (Burn After Reading)

A computer nerd makes a deal with a sexy she-devil to become a muscle-bound beach hunk. Hunk shares quite a similar idea to the one later used  in Bedazzled (2000), where we have a hopeless nerd given the chance to become cool by a super-sexy she-devil, with the result that he realizes that it is more important to be yourself than superficially good-looking. In that later film we had Elizabeth Hurley turn in a mind-bogglingly seductive performance, in Hunk its Deborah Shelton who is somewhat convincing as a rather hot seductress. The leading ladies certainly are very important to the success of these films but they both also feature other decent performances.

While I wouldn’t describe this as an especially funny film, it is definitely a likable one. It is much less moronic than quite a few of the teen comedies of its day and I think it stands up fairly well. It naturally has oodles of 80’s cheese as well but that is pretty much a positive detail as far as I am concerned. All-in-all, a very fun film.


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