Amy Jo Johnson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Zach Galligan (Gremlins)
Lisa Ann Hadley (Jerry Maguire)
Daniel Jenkins (Glory)
Nahanni Johnstone (Open Heart)
Robert Duncan McNeill (Star Trek: Voyager)
Tuc Watkins (The Mummy)
 Five college friends reunite for the funeral of one of their own, who has died under mysterious circumstances at a medical research company for which he was a janitor. Soon, the remote summer home where they gather to reminisce is under attack by a group of killer, biologically-engineered flies who like to attack and then occupy the bodies of humans, breeding more of themselves to attack yet more human hosts.
It is not unusual for a monster movie to have plot holes or for audiences to have to make concessions for logical inconsistencies, but this film is the worst of the lot. There are times when light serves to kill the flies and times when it doesn’t, for example. We never get answers to a lot of rather important questions, such as how the Villain is alive at all or why no one from the biological research company has noticed that the flies are missing and come to investigate. Given that light is supposed to kill these things, and we are never told that it has to be special light, I’m also not clear on why, since it’s daylight, the main characters can’t just escape. If the human hosts let the flies out, won’t the flies just croak in the sunlight? They don’t die? Why then, that’s a convenient and rather silly plot hole. Basically, it just isn’t very exciting to watch a bunch of people whine and wait to die, even though the fact that they’re all irritating is part of the point of the Villain… we just sympathize with him a little more than we should, I suppose, when the Lord of the Flies is unmasked at the end of the film. It would have been a better movie if we had been able to follow him along throughout the movie and thrill to his evil wicked plan.SDSDSDD Had we viewers actually been led to care a whit about any of these people or even had an actually menacing monster, this could have been bloody good fun. But as it is, there’s much more whining and existential angst than running, hiding, bleeding, or crying, and that’s just not as fun. The only redeeming quality of the film is former Power Rangers Actress Amy Jo Johnson.

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