Marisa Ryan (Wet Hot American Summer)
Amy Jo Johnson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Robert Floyd (Dark Angel)
Christopher Wiehl (Switched at Birth)
Fred Norris (Cruel Intentions)
Christian Campbell (Haven)
Jon Huertas (Sabrina: The Teenage Witch)


Part love story and all horror film, this low-budgeter stars lead Marisa Ryan as Viktoria, a girl bitten years prior who exists upon the edge of society (a New Jersey boardwalk to be exact.) Attempting to lead a ‘normal’ life, she chooses to inhabit an apartment instead of a cavern and procures her blood through (for the most part) less than homicidal means. Enter Charles (Christopher Wiehl), Viktoria’s ex-boyfriend, who in addition to being an Undead vicious killer has a nasty penchant for stalking. Aided in his efforts to terrify Viktoria by a ‘Lost Boys’ bunch of vamps, his pursuit is not merely limited to her, but also to her friends, and to a particularly less than enthusiastic vampiress portrayed by  Amy Jo Johnson.vlcsnap-2011-10-19-18h17m54s214.Throw into this mix Seth (Robert Floyd), an outsider who does a poor job disguising both a dangerous secret and his growing affection for Viktoria, generally believable acting, hip dialogue, an attention to character development and story, a driving soundtrack referential nods to the “Lost Boys” and some particularly impressive effects and you have one little gem of a vampire-romance ) The cast is rounded out by Christian Campbell and Fred Norris , although the standouts ares by far Ryan and former Power Ranger Actress Amy Jo Johnson.imagesLPYKMQOCThis film. it a must if you like vampire movies



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