Cristine Rose (How I Met Your Mother)
Taylor Cole (The Glades)
Cole Williams (8 Simple Rules)
Brian Skala (Flashforward)
Ronald William Lawrence (The Ring)
In a Primatech facility in Tappen, NJ, Angela Petrelli interrogates Rachel Mills about what happened to the serum that was at Pinehearst. When Rachel claims not to know, Angela says she doesn’t believe her and explains that the serum was not part of the program that recruited her and is a dangerous inferior formula. Angela continues she is sorry about Rachel’s injury and that she does not know just how much worse things will be if she does not get back that serum. While Angela touches Rachel’s injury, Rachel relives applying a bandage to it. Angela then places both hands on Rachel’s head, and while again asking where it is, Rachel begins reliving what happened at Pinehearst.
Twelve hours earlier, Rachel was talking with Ryan Hanover and David Sullivan at Pinehearst Headquarters. Ryan gathers up three samples of the formula and argues with Rachel Mills about girls being in the military. David comes to Rachel’s defense, saying that Rachel has done just as much as any of them. Ryan then begins to leave, telling Rachel she should be the first one to be injected and Rachel begins to reply when, suddenly, an unknown explosion goes off. David is pinned underneath a large concrete beam and neither David and Rachel know where Ryan has gone. Rachel tries to help David move the beam, but is unable to do so. She then walks over to search for something to pry the beam off David and winds up teleporting back to him when an air duct begins to fall on top of her. David asks what happened and Rachel replies it was nothing and pleads with David to ignore it
Rachel Mills is still seated at the table where earlier she was being interrogated by Angela Petrelli. Now, she is being questioned by a large black man named Carlos, who has a distinguished tattoo on his arm, still pressing her for the whereabouts of the serum. She struggles with the straps binding her to the chair, and Carlos mentions that she is being given something through the IV to suppress here ability. She denies to him, that she is special. She then has a flashback to when the building collapsed, and she teleported across the room as the ceiling fell above her. In this flashback, she is helping David Sullivan splint his broken leg, as fellow marine Ryan re-appears, holding two of the three vials of serum. He admits to taking one, but has yet to manifest an ability. Rachel grabs one from his hand to use to help David, and Ryan shoots at her, giving her the shoulder wound that was seen earlier in her encounter with Angela. At that same time, she injects David, who immediately drops to the ground in convulsive reaction to the serum. Still in the unknown Tappen facility, Angela tells Rachel that she wants to help her, but only if she stops lying to her. When Rachel insists she is telling the truth, Angela asks Rachel why she killed David if she promised to help him escape the Pinehearst lab.
Rachel then flashes back to what happened after she injected David with the serum. In Rachel’s recollection, David keels over and leans on both hands while growling. Meanwhile, Rachel sits against the wall bracing her shoulder wound and Ryan continues to point his gun at them. While still on all fours and growling, David looks over at Rachel and Ryan fires a round towards David. Still growling, David takes off super fast with his ability and hides nearby. Rachel says for Ryan put the gun down, and when Ryan says he won’t, Rachel uses a small piece of metal debris to knock Ryan to the ground. Ryan gets up and prepares to shoot Rachel again; but, before he can, David grabs him, drags him out of view and drops him on the ground. Rachel grabs her flashlight, stands up and spots David watching her. David then races at Rachel super fast, but she teleports out of his path to the other side of the room. David turns and spots Rachel and again charges at her super fast, but Rachel has grabbed a pair of scissors and uses them to stab David in the chest.
In present time, Rachel tells Angela that she didn’t have any choice but to kill David, and Angela says she understands but will not let her go till she tells Angela where the rest of the serum is. Rachel then tells Angela that seeing what it did, she destroyed it and flashes back to finding a remaining syringe on the ground the cracking it in half. Angela replies that Rachel gave the wrong answer and leaves the room, and Rachel recalls that after destroying the syringe, she still had the vial of serum in her hands that had been inside the syringe. In the Tappen facility, Carlos stands guard while Angela continues to interrogate Rachel. She mentions her sons and then questions if Rachel is close to her mother. Rachel tells Angela that her mother committed suicide. Angela asks her if she’s wondered why, and tells her that she must know already. Angela then tells Rachel that she and Leona were friends as young girls and that she was there the day Leona discovered her ability. She tells Rachel that Leona was scared and didn’t want to be different, so she killed herself instead of using her ability to save the world. Angela tells Rachel that it is hard to see the ones we love in the cold hard light of day. Angela tells Rachel she is stronger than her mother, and that she knows her. Rachel begins to cry when Angela tells her that she went into the service to make her grandfather proud, and that she can stop fighting and claim her power. Rachel cries out that she is not special, but Angela disagrees.
Rachel then has a flashback from the lab; she bangs on a locked door as Angela narrates. Angela presses her to admit how she escaped as Rachel teleports through the door, out into the hall.
Back in the interrogation room, Rachel denies her ability and destiny, saying that is not who she is, but Angela says she does not believe her.
Angela re-enters the room where Rachel is being held, and gives Carlos a messaging device, saying that a man is on board and that they will continue as planned. Carlos and Angela then approach Rachel, who is still tied down to a chair next to a conference table. Angela tells Rachel that she underestimated her and is letting her go; and Carlos removes her IV, saying that the effects should wear off in a few hours. Angela then commends Rachel for being a fighter like her, but Rachel replies that she’s nothing like her and just wants to leave. Angela says that there’s a car waiting for her outside.
Later, Rachel parks next to a gas station restroom and heads inside. While staring at the mirror, Rachel recalls how at Pinehearst, she had taken the vial of serum out of the syringe she broke and hid it inside her shoulder wound. Back in the present, Rachel removes the serum from her wound and redresses the bandage using her shirt to tie it up. Rachel then leaves the restroom and finds Angela and Carlos waiting for her on opposite sides of her car, blocking her escape. Rachel asks why Angela let her go if she knew Rachel had it all along, and Angela replies she wanted to give Rachel the opportunity to face herself and learn if she could be trusted. Rachel then says that she just wanted to find a cure, but Angela says that her ability is an integral part of her, like the loss of her mother. Rachel says that she hopes to see her again one day, and Angela says that will be up to God.
After giving Angela the serum, Rachel asks them what else they want and she says that they want to help her and Carlos places a covering over her head and drags her around the corner into the gas station’s garage. Angela then pulls out her phone and makes a video call to Leona, saying “it’s been a long time”.
A Great companion to the series and giving Cristine Rose more screen is always good. This series links up with the third season episode “Our Father” and gives a few tidbits of exstra information, certainly worth checking out.

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