Stefano Fregni (Alaska)
Francesca Cuttica (Ten Winters)
Guglielmo Favilla (I rec U)
Gaia Insenga (L’altro da me)
Lucia Bodenizza (Pazze di Me)

 09721_origNever been a fan of found footage movies, and while Closed Circuit Extreme is not the absolute worst it is one of the worst. Personally, the main problem was that it was incredibly dull and there just didn’t seem to have any point to it. The story was barely there, and what there was of one was as thin as half-melted ice, and the pedestrian pacing made it even more interminable, certainly among the most tedious found footage movies and of any movie personally seen recently. Making it even more dull was the camera work, which was both annoying and amateurish. The footage frequently had no point to it and used to the extent that it does nothing to enhance the plot, instead it takes you straight out of the story and the little info boxes were just pure tack. The look of the movie was so drab it was literally colourless while the dialogue is stilted and strained in delivery, the characters are so lifeless in personality and do nothing interesting that it’s impossible to root for them(the psychotic killer could have been just been anybody and no one would bat as much as an eyelid) and judging from the acting nobody looked as though they wanted to be there.extreme_circuito_chiuso_02The one piece of acting that looked like acting, and it was actually the sole redeeming quality of the entirety of Closed Circuit Extreme, was the girl locked in the bathroom, the one time where you feel any genuine horror or anybody giving a toss about the situation they’re in. All in all, dull, pointless and just a mess all round.






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