Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible)
Mia Sara (Birds of Prey)
Tim Curry (IT)
David Bennent (Therapy For A Vampire)
Alice Playten (The Rebound)
Billy Barty (Masters of the Universe)
Kiran Shah (The Hobbit)
Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager)

 “Once, long ago”, the ancient Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) laments his isolation in the shadows before sensing the presence of two unicorns who safeguard the Power of Light; where upon Darkness instructs Blix (Alice Playten) and his fellow goblins to kill the unicorns and bring him their horns to free himself. Meanwhile, Princess Lily (Mia Sara) goes alone to the forest to meet her friend Jack (Tom Cruise), a forest dweller who teaches her the languages of animals before showing her the unicorns. Against Jack’s pleas, Lili approaches the stallion before the unicorn is hit by a poisoned dart from Blix’s blowpipe. The unicorns bolt, and Lily makes light of Jack’s fears and sets him a challenge by throwing her ring into a pond, declaring that she will marry whoever finds it, and Jack at once dives into the pond. As the stallion dies from the poison with the goblins taking his horn, the forest and the pond freeze, with Lily running off in terror before Jack can break free. Taking refuge in a frozen cottage, Lily overhears the goblins ordered to hunt down the mare.
In the forest, Jack encounters the elf Honeythorn Gump (David Bennent, voiced by Alice Playten). Joined by Gump, the fairy Oona (Annabelle Lanyon), and the dwarves Brown Tom and Screwball (Cork Hubbert and Billy Barty), Jack searches for Lily before coming across the lifeless stallion and his mate. Knowing that the horn must be recovered and returned to the stallion, Jack is led by Gump and the others to obtain weapons while Brown Tom guards the mare. Lily is captured alongside the mare after Brown Tom is knocked out. Learning what has transpired, Jack and his group enter the ancient temple in the marshes where Darkness resides. Though Jack deals with the swamp hag Meg Mucklebones (Robert Picardo), he and his group fall into a pit trap that takes them to dungeon where they encounter Blunder, revealed to be a dwarf, before he is dragged off by the chefs to be cooked into a pie. Oona saves Jack and the others as they search for Lily and the mare.
Having fallen in love with Lily, Darkness tempts her; and Lily agrees to wed him on the condition that she kills the mare in the upcoming ritual. Jack and Gump learn that the antagonist can be destroyed by light. While saving Blunder, the group take giant metal platters to reflect the sunlight to the chamber where the mare is to be sacrificed. As the ritual begins, Lily frees the unicorn, and then is knocked out by Darkness. Jack attacks Darkness while the others relay the light of the setting sun. Once hit by the light, Darkness is expelled to the edge of a cliff, using the unicorn’s horn to hold on and tells Jack that evil lurks in everyone, and that they will never truly defeat him. Jack then chops off Darkness’s hand that’s holding the unicorn’s horn, and he is expelled into the stars. As Gump returns the stallion’s horn, returning him to life, Jack retrieves the ring from the pond and returns it to Lily, reviving her.
I have always loved this movie. It is one of those many films that I grew up with and loved. This is a definite 80’s classic and one of my all time favourite cult movies.

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