Mark Acheson (Watchmen)
Kathleen Barr (Reboot)
Bettina Bush (The Littles)
Jim Byrnes (Highlander: The Series)
Mackenzie Gray (Man of Steel)
Mark Hildreth (V)
Lee Tockar (Beast Wars)


From the opening bars of the grating theme tune to the last credits; this is everything that the Stargate universe is not.

Unlike Star Trek’s animated series which followed some canon within Trek boundaries and looked better, SG:I completely ignores Stargate history and barrels along, oblivious, the backgrounds and characters overdrawn.
Money making aside, this looks and feels cheap. Many children will find its explicit moral messages condescending. The characters are all gross stereotypes. There is no character development. The younger members act ‘out of character’ at times augmenting the confusion. Stacey is the teenager failing to assert herself. Pierced, tattooed and with a bizarre shaven hair-do, she is everything little girls do not aspire to be. RJ is a two-dimensional character lacking a second dimension. I often hoped he would die as a result of his incompetence. Ec’co is a robot. Enough said. They also have an ancient in tow that looks like no ancient we’ve seen in SG-1 or Atlantis.

Gus Bonner has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He travels the entire galaxy as “The Fugitive”, gathering evidence to clear his name. Although not apparent from the description, this DVD set contains all 26 episodes. This cartoon series was unpopular. It was cancelled after one season and almost all of its major plots were never resolved. It was produced completely separately from the Stargate franchise.


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