REVIEW: Power Playback: Funniest Power Rangers Moments



Johnny Yong Bosch (Blade Anime)
Paul Schrier (Wicked Game)
Jason Narvy (Masked Rider)
Jack Banning (Top Dog)

Johnny Yong Bosch hosts a 30 minute look back on classic clips from 6 seasons of Power Rangers. At least, that’s what he’s SUPPOSED to do. Instead, a computerized talking van called P.A.L.S. (Production Automated Location Studio) takes over the show, with two very familiar troublemaker voices. Johnny plays it straight, trying to bring order to chaos, as insane clips from various episodes, video specials, and Sentai scenes are thrown his way. Professor Phenomenus also shows up a few times. Eventually, it’s revealed that Bulk & Skull are behind P.A.L.S., and have been purposely ruining the show. A gang of angry rogue monsters end up chasing the bumbling duo across the Saban Studios lot.

Now this maybe a clipshow, but it has a few gems such as the Zyuranger Bandora song, and clips from Kakuranger. showing the Japanese sentai along with Power Ranger clips was genius. giving fans a little look at Sentai. It was nice to Johnny Yong Bosch back hosting this special, he also gues starred on Power Rangers in Space around this time.

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