Lindsey Haun (True Blood)
Jack Huston (American Hustle)
Max Kasch (Whiplash)
Maya Hazen (Shutter)
Alice Greczyn (Sex Drive)
Robert Hoffman (She’s The Man)
Jack Gleeson (Game of Thrones)

Six kids head out into the woods in some remote backwater of rural Ireland in order to take magic mushrooms and get off their heads. Given that five of them have flown all the way from America for the occasion  it’s rather unfortunate that they manage to pick woods that are not only peopled by drooling, inbred, axe-wielding halfwits but also happens to house the crumbling shell of an abandoned borstal for young offenders, which was run by a group of evil, black clad monks – until one of them ate a bowlful of deathshead mushrooms and killed everyone else.shrooms_stills3Shrooms is quite a satisfying little horror film. The central theme of the psychotropic mushrooms allows for a nice blurring between the borders of reality and horror fantasy, with some really quite effective hallucinogenic camera work tipping us nicely into the teenagers’ trip. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of it before (mostly in the Blair Witch Project), and you can see the ‘twist’ coming from a mile off, in the dark, through a whole bunch of trees – and you’ll be unsurprised to hear that it’s wielding an axe.Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of pick-’em-off horror by numbers you will enjoy this film for what is it, a small low budget horror.


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