Melissa Joan Hart (Melissa & Joey)
Nick Bakay (That 70s Show)
Tara Strong (Batman: TAS)
Eddie Mills (Artworks)
James Fields (Dragon Ball Z)
Eric Alexander (Double – Double)
Evelyn Furtak (Pure Country)
Richard Steven Hprvitz (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

The movie is based on the television show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which in turn is based on characters from the Archie comics. The title of the series says everything: Sabrina is a witch who lives in urban America with her two aunties. In this world witches come from another world and some of them live on Earth. The one reason as to why I like this show is because of the cat, who was once a powerful warlock who tried to take over the world. For punishment he was turned into a cat. Salem, the cat, is a very cheeky and intelligent character.In this movie Sabrina is sent to Rome with a locket that she must open. She is warned that if she is betrayed, she either must turn her betrayer to stone, or loose her powers, and this becomes important as a couple of paparazzi suspect that she is a witch and go out to try and prove it to the world – and one of them attempts to seduce her. She also meets another witch, Gwen,  this time from England, who is not really all that good and accidentally turns the guy that she likes into a pigeon, and spends most of the movies kissing pigeons in an attempt to bring him back.1280x720-6NaThis movie is one that not only shows of the story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch but the history and culture of Rome too. Gwen is also very funny in this movie as is Salem. I would say that these  characters are the ones to watch in this movie. This movie is should be seen by all major Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans and people who are interested in the magic and supernatural theme. You will have fun watching this movie.


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