Chelsea Logan (Veronica Mars)
Rosemarie DeWitt (The Watch)
Christopher McCann (Law & Order)
Stacy Jordan (Magic Mike)

UntitledChelsea Logan is a bored teenage girl in New York City, whose parents are separated; her mother is too busy working to make much time for her, and her dad lets her down by not visiting when he says he will. She hangs out with her friends, and does drugs with them in her room, and when she’s all alone, indulges in a nasty little vice: Chelsea is a cutter, a self-harmer. But she has a plan to revolutionise her life; sick and tired of having no money to spend on the things she lusts after in magazines, and bored with being a virgin – and furthermore believing her friends’ advice that “losing it” is no big deal – Chelsea advertises her virginity on eBay. Director Antonio Campos appears, mischievously, to have entered this offer on the web for real and filmed the computer screen with its mounting bids from credulous pervs, while his actors improvised around the situation. The actual “delivery” of the goods in a hotel room is filmed very differently in each of the two segments, and the attitude of Chelsea’s mother comes out a little differently too.UntitledThe grim business of selling sex to a wealthy middle-aged man is in sharp contrast to the prophylaxis of the net, in which transactions can take place quickly and cleanly. It is in this transaction that the true eroticism occurs, an eroticism that relies, paradoxically, on the anonymity and alienation of web contact. A condom is what provides the safety in the case of real sex; in the virtual cyber-world, what is important is a PayPal account, the vital new method of buying and selling with strangers that does not compromise your bank or credit details.Buy It Now plays elegantly with these contemporary ideas. I really loved this film. I was warned that the subject matter was disturbing, but I was not prepared for the performance of the young woman in Buy It Now. Chelsea Logan is absolutely captivating. The emotional places this courageous,young actress is willing to go for our benefit demonstrates talent far beyond her years. I also thought the supporting ensemble, especially Rosemarie Dewitt, was very well cast.

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