Robert Factor (Stuck)
Martha Quinn (Problem Child 2)
Aaron Lustig (Ghostbusters 2)
Michael Huddleston (Vampires)
Roumel Reaux (Life After)
Paul Hipp (Face/Off)
Sonny Carl Davies (Evil Bong)
Melissa Behr (Dollman vs Demonic Toys)
Tim Thomerson (Trancers)

 Bad Channels kicks off at a dumpy little polka radio station out in the middle of nowhere. The station has hired a shock jock Dangerous Dan O’Dare to really pump up the ratings. We’re not sure what makes him dangerous in any way, well outside of his epic mullet, but apparently he’s like a Howard Stern type. Being a real mans man Dan O’Dare isn’t down with Polka and starts ripping out the rock until the station is seized by an alien force.The alien has chosen this station to kidnap attractive ladies through the soundwaves. Somehow this creature seduces these chicks through these rock video inspired day dreams. Once he has them in a trance he zaps them into test tubes in the radio station where they are shrunken into minutes women. Seriously there is now way Charles Band wasn’t smoking pounds of green when writing this plot, as it’s beyond delusional. Somehow they figure out that hand sanitizer is the only way to kill the alien and save the shrunken woman. Dan O’Dare becomes the big time hero in the end saving the world from utter B destruction.As delusional as Bad Channels was, it is an extremely entertaining film. Obviously the only way one could enjoy is if they understand what they’re getting themselves into. However you should already know by now that if it’s Full Moon then it’s going to be a weird hour and a half. As bad as it may be it still holds that great 90’s B feeling that simply cannot be duplicated in this day and age. Most horror movies out today are absolutely horrible while trying to be serious. At least Full Moon new what is was producing was more just for fun, especially for those partaking in some reefer. As we alluded to earlier, Full Moon is a minuscule shell of what it used to be, but thankfully there are plenty of old classics to discover or re-discover. These are movies the brothers Sid would have enjoyed as kids back in the 90’s with a stack of snacks, in between 97 Madden battles. And obviously you’re not beating that.


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