Ian Bohen (The Dark Knight Rises)
Dean O’ Gorman (The Hobbit)
Chris Conrad (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation)
Johna Stewart-Bowden (Pacific Blue)
Kevin Smith (Warriors of Virtue 2)
Meighan Desmond (When Love Comes)
Nathaniel Lees (30 Days of Night)
Rachel Blakely (The Lost World)
Michael Hurst (Maddigans Quest)
Taungaroa Emile (Once Were Warriors)
Mfundo Morrison (General Hospital)
Paolo Rotondo (The Ugly)

MaryThis is a really great movie! Ian Bohen’s performance as the serious, yet fun teenage Hercules is truly award worthy! He seemed to capture the essence of the part that Kevin Sorbo recently made famous a bit more than Ryan Gosling, who played Young Hercules in the T.V. series. And, he’s incredibly cute! Dean O’Gorman played Iolaus to a “T”. Chris Conrad did not disappoint with his portrayal of the always serious, and determined, Young Jason. The chemistry between the actors makes the film even more enjoyable. It really looks like they’re having fun working together! Another key character is Ares, played by Kevin Smith. He, as always, gives a truly inspired performance as the deliciously evil God of War. The director should really be accredited for casting such a talented group of actors, and using their abilities to their full potential. The breath-taking scenery of the New Zealand countryside is the backdrop of this innovative film. It was only fitting that the “Young Hercules” movie was shot in the same location of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”. The soundtrack is also amazing. It really fits the tone and overall feel of the movie. It should definitely not be missed!Ian Bohen would have a recurring role on Dawsons Creeek and decided to take that on instead of doing the role in the TV Show, his lost would be Ryan Goslings Gain.


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