Alex Heartman (Police Guys)
Erika Fong (Transformers 4)
Hector David Jr. (the Sand)
Najee De-Tiege (Evil Dwells)
Brittany Anne Pirtle (Bring It On 5)
Rene Naufahu (The Matrix Reloaded)
Felix Ryan (Abducted)
Paul Schrier (Wicked game)
Ricardo Medina Jr. (Bad Blood)
Steven Skyler (Glee)


Jeff Szusterman (Return To Treasure Island)
Kate Elliott (30 Days of Night)
Gerald Urquhart (Hidden)
John Leigh (The Frighteners)
George Beca (Step Dave)
Grant McFarland (Hercules: TLJ)
Rugen Du Bray (Liquortine Dream)
Eka Darville (Jessica Jones)
Ari Boyland (Blood Punch)

the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbboA new generation of Power Rangers must master the mystical and ancient “Samurai Symbols of Power,” which give them control over the elements of: Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, Earth and Light. Under the guidance of their all-knowing mentor and the aid of their devoted animal Zords, they battle the dark forces of the Netherworld and a mysterious warrior who is bent on destruction.Season 18 is where Saban took the rights back from Disney. This Season brings us a likable group of heroes, although the Blue Ranger does come across as being on steroids lol. We even get the return of Bulk who has not been seen since season 10.the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbboMany criticize this season for being slow moving , but I feel the season goes at a nice pace. Deker is an excellent villain thou he may not be the big bad of the show, he is a worthy adversary. In volume 3 we get introduced to Antonio, The Gold Ranger a fun addition to the team.the_power_is_on___power_rangers_2017_movie_v2_by_bilico86-da2fbboThe Season comes to a close with the apparent death of Deker, thou the story continues in Super Samurai

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